The Pope Is Projecting


What he thinks is irrelevant. Even to most Catholics.
Good comeback!
Put 13 coins in the collection plate.

Never let them forget.
Sphincter says what?
Just keep talkin', Ratzinger. By the time you're dead, you might have done enough damage that the only people left in the Catholic Church will be the pederasts.
Will @ 3,

What are the 13 coins supposed to stand for? I am really curious, because it doesn't ring any bells for me. I know that Judas was paid 30 silver coins to betray Jesus. That 30 pieces silver coins was the price of a slave. And that paying someone 30 pieces of silver was a day's wage. 30 silver coins was also used to symbolically represent the severing of a relationship in biblical times.

I'm sincerely curious about the 13 coins. Why would that number be meaningful? What will it remind them of?
13 Coins is a restaurant, Will is indeed thinking of 30 pieces of silver.
how dare you think that the standard the Catholic church cleaves to for everyone else could ever be less high than the one they hold for themselves! Boy that's rich! (as I wipe tears of laughter from mine eyes)

I believe Will is referring to an old Latin American Catholic tradition wherein a groom gives the bride 13 coins, representing Jesus and the 12 apostles, as a symbol of his trust in her fidelity.
Oh, Lord, don't waste your time trying to figure out what Will's thinking. He usually isn't.
The pope is nuts.
@11 said, "The pope is nuts."

That's probably why he's so obsessed with what everyone else is doing with theirs.
Thank you for asking about the 13 coins, I thought it was just me being confused. Again. Hasn't this been discussed before?

Chemobrain be damned. My mind was only firing on about 8 good neurons before it became chemically compromised. LOL
Good grief, Dan, you actually got and read my email. I'm flattered!

Thank you. Is it safe to assume that Catholics world wide (or at least in North America) would know of this particular old Latin American tradition and thus it would be meaningful to them? I'm, then, presuming that the coins would serve to remind the church that it is not being a faithful bride of Christ? To remind the church that they must be faithful?

It is a kinder message than giving them 30 coins, which would serve to call the church on it's betrayal and symbolize a severing of relationship.
Yeah, we don't need the pope giving out advice on sexuality and relationships. I would rather drop a few coins in Dan for my advice. Not that I need any...
Linda with a y,

"Chemobrain"? I hope you're okay. I'll be thinking about you.
Do you think they empty out the collection plates and divide by 13 to see how many people are never letting them forget? Remembering back to my days as an altar boy (no bad touching, either -- I have to give the Archdiocese of Seattle that), we (or sometimes other members of the parish) went down the aisles with the collection baskets, we put all the loot in a lockbox which was counted by one of the parish officers (i.e., church ladies), who probably took it to the bank for deposit. Believe me, no one would have caught that bit of protest, least of all any priests -- they certainly never got involved in the business of filthy lucre.
Okay, that's not fair. I'm totally obsessed with what people are doing with their nuts and refuse to be compared to the Pope.

Okay maybe not obsessed. But often curious.

Sphincter says no... (cough)
Too bad we don't have a "record" of how many kids Dan's (writing about his) marriage has helped.

I'd dare say that the number is far greater than even Dan is aware of.

His books, in particular "The Kid" and "Commitment", have helped to validate for many couples that being gay doesn't mean that you can't be a parent. As a result, many (same-sex) couples have been empowered to open their hearts and homes to a child and build a family.

Having more loving, stable families to place kids is a good thing - not only for the kids but for society.

Not to mention that some of the kids that are adopted suffered abuse at the hands of their "opposite-sex" parents, some of whom have also used religion to justify their actions.

I'd rather a child go to a home with two dads or two moms, a home where that child will be loved, valued, and respected rather than be turned over to a couple comprised of a man and a woman with little regard of their suitablity or qualifications just because they are an "opposite-sex" pairing.
Good call, Dan. I say that wins you an internet. Congratulations, and enjoy.

For the record: His church baptized your kid.
I hope Portugal legalizes same sex marriage while Ratzi is there just to show him who is boss.
I am so very glad that I am not a Roman Chatholic Christian any more. Just have faith.. No longer need to follow a religion
@6, 7 - yeah, but $3 is too much.

Just avoid paper bills.
The pope is just threatened by things that are good and decent and productive ... and in working order. Unlike his abortion of a mythology machine.
Thanks, Will.
I'm just amazed that he considers these greater challenges than e.g. the Global North/South poverty divide, global warming and environmental degradation, fast food, alcohol and tobacco abuse, oil-dependence, or even the sex-scandals that he himself perpetuated and are now corroding the reputation of the Catholic Church even further (The Spanish Inquisition and the other smaller persecution movements that took place across Europe around the same time, tacit support of Nazism, and the purposeful campaign of misinformation about condom use in Africa have already eroded a lot of the faith people once had in the Church specifically, while scientific discovery continually reduces the arena-of-operation of religion in general). Even if I'm looking at things from the perspective of someone who is opposed to abortion and gay marriage, there are issues that are MUCH more pressing in terms of preserving the sanctity of life and Catholic social institutions.
Way to aim high with your marriage goals, Dan.
Dan's world view is distorted by the fact that his mother exposed him to The Whore of the Earth as a child.
Jesus is right now preparing the giant industrial-sized bar of soap with which he's going to wash out Ratzinger's lying mouth just as soon as this potty-mouth pope kicks off.

Just sayin'.
We should all lend a hand to secularism. The fact that Ratzi's church can no longer hold inquisitions is proof that secularism has had a civilizing influnce on the Catholic Church and on Christianity in general.
Hear, hear @ 33!

Totally the moral highground. Reality-based thought created morality. Schizophrenia created The Church.
For those who plan to drop 13 or 30 dimes in the collection plate: JUST PUT THEM IN A ZIPLOC AND DROP THE WHOLE THING IN!!!
Mai winrar?
Oh geez Kim, thank you I'm good. I didn't think before typing that.
Well, he's right. Gay abortions really must be very challenging.
You could drop a bunch of communion hosts into the collection and then see if they sort out which ones are the body and blood of Jebus.
Every year the bigotry produces less and less support. The Pope can keep trying, but when it is Catholics that are undermining his message, it is not going to do much good.…