I Am Bringing Free Books to Slog Happy


Dang. And I'm missing it to see Princess Kaiulani ...
I could bring my copy of the Red Book, if anybody wants to buy me a beer for lugging that heavy SOB around
I almost forgot to put the comics in my bag! Thanks for the post to help me remember.
I've gotten Momus and Lydia Lunch...what treats will await me tonight?
dammit, I hate it when publishing houses decide to do something crappy like place the author's previous title in a more prominent place on the cover than the title of the actual book. Or decide that the author's last name is all the information you need on the spine (KING).

I know it's probably good for business, but seriously - have some class, people.
Encyclopedia's of cults!?!?!?! Can I call "taps"?