Slog Did Some Good This Week


Talk about best possible result for Adventuress and Town Hall (TH's people were so sweet with my grumpiness in comments!) - I'm so glad those buccaneers at AmEx dropped the zero-sum bullshit and coughed up!
Wow. This is a new way for a (pretend) paper to suck ass to politicians. I mean we all know how much the SLOG lovesssss McMayor, but rallying people to get city hall sleazy and sad.
Town Hall ≠ City Hall.

mrbombit = not so good at knowing stuff.
@2, I'm guessing you struggled to pass the reading comprehension part of your GED.
Everyone wins!
This made me so happy when I saw that on their website this morning. What a great thing to do.
AWESOME!!! I adore town hall, it represents what I love most about Seattle, and why I could never move back home. We had nothing like town hall in my town, and we were certainly the lesser for it. Thank you thank you thank you for promoting this on slog, and for everyone who voted.