Morning News: Arizona, Oil Spill, Facebook Vie for Title of Supreme Drama Queen


I think there's now clear national-security justification for investigating Dick Cheney and his secret energy-policy meetings at the outset of the Bush misadministration. Let's throw him and all the meeting attendees in Guantanamo until they crack.
The New York Times? Who are they?
re: Oil Spill Environmental Holocaust

"10 times the size of official estimates."

By "official estimates" we mean,
of course,
the estimates of the Obama Administration.

Estimates that seek to hide the fact that
every few days a new Exxon Valdez is happening.

The only silver lining
is that the Obama Administration
has been On Top of Things
from DAY ONE....
It is HYPOCRITICAL to ban offshore drilling unless drastic cuts in consumption are also made.

"We don't mind burning the oil- just as long as it is Nigeria or Louisiana's environment that is destroyed by drilling..."

No doubt the Hypocritical Bitches will start biking to and from Washington DC since they have such a problem with oil drilling....
"Department of Homeland security to stop training..."

Like anyone would care?
Or notice?

The Federal Government is responsible for policing the borders.
There are 480,000 failures to do so walking around Arizona.

The Cub Scouts could provide better "training" and enforcement.
@1: Even though Dick Cheney is LGBT friendly and is fully supportive of his lesbian daughter? That's cruel.
Actually, it's BP's estimates. No matter how much you try to blame Obama for this whole thing it was BP who drilled the hole, BP's responsibility to plug the hole and Bush/Cheney's fault for allowing them to drill without an acoustic switch to shut off the flow.

@ Cienna
I wouldn't normally think it's OK to "put adult men in the bodies of 10-year-old girls". I think I wouldn't be surprised by the results you generally get from that.
The Times article states that the low-ball calculations were done by scientists at Seattle's NOAA offices, using a method that was "specifically not recommended for analyzing large spills like the one in the Gulf of Mexico." I kinda wish Cienna had quoted that bit.

Where does BP get the numbers?
"... measurements of oil on the sea surface made by the Coast Guard and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration."

Did America elect BP to protect us?
Does The Buck stop on the desk of BP?
Did Obama require the switch at any point during the fifteen months HE has been President?

Too bad your head-in-the-sand denials and Democraps' refusal to accept responsibility for their President and his inactions won't save the Gulf of Mexico....
Nice cannard. You're full of shit.