Pry Your Buttocks From the Love Seat


energy efficiency to your door?

God we're lazy ... just pick up a box of 49 cent CFL bulbs or 99 cent CFL dimmer bulbs or 99 cent CFL three-way bulbs at Costco.
freebies? what about the north end? oh, that's right, we have our shit together.
@2 - well, there's always Fred Meyer.
Fuck low-flow shower-heads. Love the bulbs, will use the aerators--fuck the low-flow shower heads. Where can I get me a full-flow shower head?
omg targy's.

one of the most underrated bars in seattle.
@4, often there's a removable flow restrictor conveniently located right where the shower head screws on to the shower arm (the bent piece that comes out of the wall). The "rain" type showerheads (with the big sunflower-sized heads), like WaterPik's "Cascadia" models, are awesome, and they have a flow restrictor made of blue or gray plastic just inside the female-threaded attachment; it has a tab just right for grabbing with needle-nose pliers to unscrew (righty-tighty, lefty-loosey).

If you have to remove an existing showerhead to look for a flow restrictor or to replace the head, use two of the right kind of wrenches and wrap the jaws with many turns of masking or electrical tape to keep from scratching the chrome. Put one wrench on the showerhead nut and one on the shower arm. Hold the shower arm firmly in place; if it loosens, you could develop a leak inside the wall and/or you could have to remove it all the way and dope up the threads before reinstalling.

Assuage your guilt over increased water consumption by adding an instant-off button between the arm and the head (Cascadias and many others have them built in); you hit this while you're lathering up (it allows a dribble to come through in order to maintain temperature).