"Ex-Gay Freeze Tag"


I'm ex-gay and FAAAAAAABULOUS!
Studly? The Pastor's name is Studly? And he seriously wants us to believe he's NOT gay? Hell, "Pastor Studly" just SCREAMS to be some gay pornstar's screen name.
Stonegate... like Stonewall, but believing you can will yourself to the other side of that wall... through a gate... a gate made of stone.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, scream or vomit.

we all have junk in our lives? i thought "god don't make no junk."
Notice it only helps them understand the people that "struggle" with same-sex attractions. They don't like the rest of us mo's for sure.
but! but! Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. *sigh* They will never get it.
Do these people know eating shrimp is also an abomination?
Creepy is the word.

You have to wonder about a group of people who (are hetero?!?) who want to focus their attention this way. What's the motivation? Why did THIS issue captivate their attention? What was wrong with poverty, hunger, abuse, etc, etc (traditional christian focus of outreach) that they had to cast about for caring for "ex" gays.
I'm seeing a lot of cotton/poly blends in there.

An affront to god!

Deuteronomy 22:11
Leviticus 19:19
Maybe if some of these people were a little cuter, they wouldn't have to go back to the straight dating pool. Have fun with that.
It's not that I have an issue with them being kinder to those who "sin", it's that I have an issue with them or anyone deciding what the "sin" is. You have to wonder if any of these people have actually read the Bible because it certainly doesn't seem as if any of them see the bizarre and contradictory stories through out the whole book.
i thought "god don't make no junk."

You would think. And yet, 99.9% of species that have ever lived are now extinct.
I feel really conflicted about this. On one hand, I see a group of people who are sincerely trying to move beyond the knee-jerk hatred they're taught to have for gay people. On another, the Christian love they're expressing is fundamentally based in a hateful idea: that gay people need to be straight.

It reminds me, frankly, of a lot of Christian missionaries I met overseas. They firmly believed that their understanding of Jesus was so beautiful that they had an obligation to share it with the unwashed, brown masses. Their intentions were so loving, yet their actions were so culturally imperialist. It's difficult to reconcile that evil can come from such a well-intentioned place.
Tragic. They've found a way to pat themselves on the back and feel all warm and fuzzy inside for judging us to be sinners. Gak. Soul crushers.
This is the kind of thing that made me ex-straight.
It's like Monty Python meets Children of the Corn
I see a great market for rent boys there
I feel decent, non-bigot, not ass-crazy Christians need to represent more:


We minister to people with "same sex attraction" as well, but not because of it. People are people, and if those people are gay, who cares.
I feel decent, non-bigot, not ass-crazy Christians need to represent more:


We minister to people with "same sex attraction" as well, but not because of it. People are people, and if those people are gay, who cares.
@21, that video reminds me of the Books video for Classy Penguin:
I couldn't bring myself to watch the entirety of it. The falseness and creepy factor of just the initial first few seconds are that bad.
Some people can be convinced of any old nonsense as long as you label it "God".
This begs a parody to be made of it.
@9 Eating shrimp is an abomination no matter what some book says. All those spindly little legs, ugh...
That was one effed up video. It felt like millions of little shrimp crawling all over my skin, whispering to me about how Jesus loves me. Ugh again...
in some ways this is worse than the fire and brimstone style. if they think gay people are evil and should be cast out, fine whatever, fuck them. but by trying to "save the gays" and acting all friendly about it, they're creating confusion and desperation in people who could be happily out. but at least they're not obnoxiously screeching about hell.
I'm not, ya know, funny. But I thank God every day for making gay people, so that He could change the way I feel about homosexuality.

Thank you for faggots, God!
grrresat Ptera, now I have images of tiny shrimp scurrying across my body whispering to me about Jesus' love...... my face...so itchy..."what you say, lil' shrimpies?"
@15- I'm in the same boat. When people who once wanted you dead because you are gay now want to love the gay out of you, is that an improvement? Is this a small step towards understanding, or just a different way to hate?
Ok...where to start. Maybe just three points

First, I already knew God loves me, thanks for the reminder.

Second, You folks are soooo condescending. "We know you're a big pervert and all that, but we'll hold our nose and welcome you anyway"

Third, I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church. You guys seem to have forgotten that the southern baptist faith is supposed to be based on the teachings of NEW testament. Jesus never said anything about homos.

Love and peace and enlightenment to all of you.
@31-- it's absolutely a different way to hate.

Even better, it's a way to passively hate, by claiming you love even those who sin -- that way you can't be accused of hating but you can still judge it as sin and can still heap on the condescension.
So--I'm guessing they get Stonegate from Stonewall? Lame.
Also, why are all the important people men? Two women talk on this video: the photographer and the children's minister. So, they work on same-sex attraction by placing women into silent, subservient roles? Hey, that's always worked before--just look at Ancient Rome.
Also, is anyone interested in starting up a ministry for ex-shrimp eaters? I love the shrimp so much, but Jesus loves me more! He will help me discover ways to enjoy cocktail sauce without the sin--the way God intended!
God told me He made me gay, and anyone that didn't like that He did, was to take it up with Him.
@ 14 - THOSE FOSSILS AND SPECIMENS PRESERVED IN AMBER ARE JUST TESTS OF FAITH, OKAY!? If you believe in evolution, you will BUUUUUUUUURN! Burn, damn you! Buuuuuuuurn!

Erm, I mean. I will pray for you. Ahem. Right.

@ 36 - Awesome handle and icon. :-)
@26: You made me burst out laughing. Millions of tiny, Jesus-loving shrimp...
I just threw up in my mouth a little bit...
Their words say that the "sin" of homosexuality is no greater than the sin of gossipping. But I have yet to see a church that has a special ministry to address the problem of gossip.
it's a tiny baby step in the right direction, made by people who are traditionally disinclined to move with the times.

maybe they can get a twelve-step for evolution supporters going on, that would be nifty
Despite disagreeing with their opinon about homosexuality, I must nevertheless point out that what they're saying, though still wrong, is a lot better than what you hear from your local homophobes. I hear a number of people there saying that they learned that 'the sin of homosexuality' was not worse than their own sin (remember the guy who said 'all sins looks the same to god, so theirs is not worse than mine'?).

My point is: if they can go from unconditional hate of homosexuals to at least the idea that they are no worse than other sinners -- they just 'have to struggle' with one 'specific sin' -- then some progress has been made. Maybe out of their contacts with homosexuals they, or (more likely) their kids will see what they don't -- i.e. that homosexuals are human just like everybody else, and no worse off because of their sexual orientation.
My relationship with my wife is not "junk", and does not merit comparison with alcoholism and adultery.
Oh, this is lulzy. They all look so, so terrified.

And miserable. The eyes speak.
so are most of these people just struggling not to commit a hate crime?
I see someone told the freak squad they were featured here. And they had it fixed so we couldn't view them. I knew I should have downloaded it.
The video was not working, so I can't comment on it. I would like to think that this is a hopeful sign, as baby steps towards reconciliation.

I no longer see "sin" as some do. To me sin can be summed up as "unwilling to have an ethical perspective", because seeing things with an ethical perspective demands that we have the willingness and the capacity to put ourselves in another's shoes, to learn to see from another's vantage point. In the processes of maturing we all learn to become self-concerned, and it is inevitable and necessary for us as we grow up. But, being self-concerned lends itself to becoming selfish and self-preoccupied. Hence, we lose the ability to automatically consider the perspectives of others. We only see from the point of protecting ourself. To say it using scripture, we loose the ability "to love your neighbor as yourself" or to "do onto others as you would have done to you". Thus, being gay isn't a "sin". And, one loves one's gay brothers and sisters, transgender brothers and sisters, transsexual brothers and sisters, because they are your brothers and sisters and you're keen to understand things from their perspective.

Perhaps, that is what this video was about? Individuals on a journey of trying to see GLTB as themselves. If so then that is good, a start. A start towards learning to love one's neighbor as themselves. In my opinion, they will have arrived when they learn that they no longer need to protect themselves, when they no longer seek or desire to create/uphold laws that allow discrimination and inequality.
" It's difficult to reconcile that evil can come from such a well-intentioned place. "

Think on that, my liberal friends, think on that...

I have spent a lot of time thinking about that very subject.

The simple conclusion is that they are not well intentioned.

But, more likely the answer is they have been misled. If you've never attended a fundie church you're probably not aware of how cult like they are.

If these people existed without harming anyone but themselves they wouldn't bother me. But, in these kind of churches you're taught and pressured to convert people. And this when it becomes a problem. They are taught their way is the only true way. There is be no doubt, no questioning what you're told. There is only one way and anyone who doesn't believe that is your foe.

It's very sad. Because these kind of places lose focus and the experience becomes less about God and more and more about conforming to a set of odd MAN made rules.