I'll Probably Ask Him About This Tonight


3rd Cory Doctorow post so far today.
My Wife and I deleted ours last night. Now we don't have to shower several times a day to feel clean.
Though he's kind of out there when it comes to kid-built treehouses and why it makes perfect sense for a public park to not allow them. This is the kind of thing that makes me think Doctorow takes the whole "free! EVERYTHING IS FREE! Free as in software!" thing a weeeee bit too far.

If he changes his Twitter habits by 4pm, could you do a post about it, but don't forget to also write whether you might ask him about it tonight? You know, tonight after, and also before, Pillow Talk plays? At the Sunset?

No, seriously, you sound so excited about this, I hope you have a wonderful time!
As Leif Harmsen said, it's not your Facebook page, it's Facebook's page about you. Facebook's "community" is the online equivalent of a police state: not only are the rules capricious and arbitrary, you don't even get to find out what the rules are until you've violated them, and it's too late. You can be "disappeared" without warning or appeal, and without any of your friends even knowing what happened to you. You may think that Facebook doesn't really practice censorship, but how would you know?