Coding Black Skin


Hey Charles. Just because you are the SLOG's token black author, doesnt give you the right to put your two(obviously liberal biased) cents on every race story.
I agree, rural white people are stupid
I'm pretty sure Charles is a maxist, not a liberal.

Those are only the same thing if you think Obama was born in Kenya.
Just to be clear, are you saying that racial prejudice is vindicated by evolutionary biology?
Very true, Charles! And then you look at the Brazilians, many of whom have come from Europe hundreds of years ago and are therefore white. But with all that time having been in the tropics now, they've gotten darker while maintaining the whiteness.
Charles is, at all times, at least seven steps ahead of his critics in the comment section.
...and he's ahead of time itself, as this appears to have been posted TOMORROW afternoon...

The mind reels.

The ink is black, the page is white
Together we learn to read and write
A child is black, a child is white
The whole world looks upon the sight, a beautiful sight…

I recommend "Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters" by Satoshi Kanazawa & the late Alan Wilson. It covers evolutionary psychology. Also, I don't disagree that (world travel that is. I've seen 72 countries and speak three languages. I am a Darwinist and enjoy geography/cartography) travel enhances both geography and Darwinism. However, there are plenty of youngsters in urban America that don't have a clue of either as well. Poorer people in cities tend to be less informed and carry prejudices too. Both rural and urban America share ignorance in both geography and Darwinism.
evolution by means of natural selection is NOT a belief system. people thinking it is is a much bigger problem than geography or being poorly traveled.

you obviously love words, charles. please be more careful with them.
rural whites are stupid.
and racist.
because they are rural.
so what is urbane seattle hipster's excuse for their racism?
Hey Charles -- they have a big study now saying that we (cro magnons) mated with neanderthals. And this took place in the near east something like 70-40000 years ago, and guess what? If you're European you have 1-4% neanderthal DNA!

So that means the Europeans are more diverse.

The Africans don't have this 104% neanderthal in them.

It's funny whow no one's pointed this out perhaps linking this genone "nature" fact to things like Europeans' aggression or other undesirable or barbaric traits.

Or how this means Africans are more pure than Europeans.

I even read somewhere that red hair is a marker for neanderthal. Think about it -- it's the redheaded vikings scots irish germans angles saxons that are responsible for so much invading and aggression, right? basically, all the "soccer hooligan" groups.

Anyway, now we have some real genetic info but obviously we're all 96-99% the same. Adding just a drop of neanderthal likely doesn't make your entire race so aggressive it would do something like colonize and enslave the whole world, right?

What an impressively sweeping generalization. You do realize that kind of generalization is part of what is keeping people from judging people based on the content of their character.
It certainly has nothing to do with people assuming all generalizations are meant to be sweeping, and not just, you know, general.
While Charles regularly misfires here on SLOG, the fact that pigment protects against UV light is universally accepted science, and it's not a big leap to figure out why skin tones tend to be darker the nearer you get to the equator.
"Darwinism" - Oy!!!!!!!!!!

And the heliocentric theory of planetary motion - is that Copernicusism?

And, Charles, your simple-minded anecdote is the essence of pure prejudice.
For anyone interested in understanding how climate affects the evolution of skin color in humans, it's all about the levels of folic acid and vitamin D in our bodies. We have to have both for healthy babies but too much sun getting through your skin degrades folic acid. Not enough and your body doesn't get enough vitamin D.

But of course, both of these can be supplemented in your diet easily in industrialized nations.
"How I came to believe in Darwinism"? What is it, 1860?
@12 You really need to adjust the dosage. Or switch meds. Either way, talk to a doctor, they can help you.
@8, It all boils down to pop diddies, doesn't it?…

seems you are uncomfortable with what science is telling us, not unlike those right wing christians.

it's telling us that Europeans and Asians are 1-4% neanderthal DNA.

that this happened on the way out of africa, that's why africans are not.

After centuries of bullshit racism saying whites are superior, isn't it time to acknowledge African uniqueness in that they do not have neanderthal DNA while whites do?

Is it just too hard for you to see the world this way, whites as more "barbaric" at even more than a racial level, on a species level?

What percent neanderthal do you think your dna is?

@23: Correlation does not imply causation, dude. Just because the groups that conquered and fucked up large areas of the planet were the ones that may have had some Neanderthal genes does not mean that the genes caused that behavior. The most likely explanation would be that Eurasia had plenty of easily-domesticated animals and more plentiful forests (allowing faster growth of larger communities and proto-states) and was subject to the leadership of a very expansionist sort of Christianity, which urged the conquest of less-"civilized" nations.
Neanderthals really were not any more vicious or aggressive than Cro-Magnons, as far as we know. (BTW, in reference to your earlier post, nobody has 104% Neanderthal DNA.)
Argh, the suppressed learned the craft from the suppressors. and in Charles' case, learned it too well.
"Poorer people in cities tend to be less informed and carry prejudices"

Tell that to my Asian wife. The only time she has to hear 'where are you from' is from blacks. The only time she has to hear 'me so horny' is from blacks. The only time she has to hear 'go back where you're from' is from blacks.

Basically, all the racism she has to deal with in Seattle is from blacks. It's why she insists on living on the 'liberal' north side of Seattle. No blacks.
And if you think white people dislike American blacks, talk to some Somalis or Ethiopians in Seattle. Ask them what they think of the census where their choices are 'African American' or 'black'. Ask them how they feel getting lumped in with urban American blacks.