"It was Obvious the Suspect Went Straight for the Cigarette Shelf."


"The suspect was not a man of discerning tastes; he allegedly indicated no preference for brand or quality."

My take: That's because he's probably going to sell them on the street for far less than their retail value. How much does a pack of smokes cost in Washington these days?
American Spirits are about $8.50 a pack right now, @1.
American Spirits are about $8.50 a pack right now, @1.
@1 I agree. every morning I wait at 3rd and pike for a bus and there is always a few 'cigarette men' selling packs for $3 to $4 a pack, maybe this guy is one of them or sells to them.
@1 I'm sure that's exactly what he's doing. Probably won't take him long to sell them, either.
@ 2 - wow. Even without promotions, I believe name-brands sell for no more than $5 or so here.
"Loose squares!"
@7 Yeah, well, that's Washington for you. Propping up our state government with an endless series of sin taxes.
I guess I don't wonder why most stores in NYC have secure roll-down window gates that resemble steel garage doors.

Sounds like some primo, high-quality surveillance cameras, too. Maybe if he was wearing a tee-shirt with his name in foot-high letters, they'd be able to identify him.
A 6-foot black male with a 20 year age range and possible facial hair.

I think they've narrowed it down to 10,000 people in Seattle alone?
"He filled the trashcan with cigarettes and carried it out of the store."

Is this what it means to be a trashy fag?
Wait, so they think he's transient, yet for some reason owns his own trash can? Really...? Is it so far outside the realm of possibility that he stole the trash can too? Somehow I don't think the Ol' E prints are going to lead to anything except the trashcan's rightful owner (who probably lives a few blocks away)
Five grand worth of smokes? That'd last your average smoker - what? - a month?
He is probably just a concerned citizen trying to save the lungs and lives of Seattle. I declare him a hero!
@14 Just going off what I used to smoke, we'll say 1 pack a day at $8.50 per Josh Bomb's comment. So,

$8.5 x 7 x 4 = $238 per month.
$5000/$238= 21 month supply.

Meaning- this person could smoke for two years off that stash, assuming they didn't get all stale and gross.
There's no link to the cited report?