Portugal Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage


Please...have some respect - and no colloquial names! - when referring to The Infallible Pontiff.

The correct salutation is Pope Rat.
Dripping water wears away a stone.

Maybe one day my legal marriage will be recognized by my own government here at home.

Yup. We are quite pleased here in Portugal.

The damn Ratzy is gone to Italian lands and marriage is here to stay.
Hurray! Hugs and kisses to any natives of Portugal that I may come across (and to any Episcopals here in the US, too).
Congrats to Portugal.

Still waiting for America to grow some balls and do right by its gay and lesbian citizens. Someday it will happen.
Happy International Day Against Homophobia. Again.

This is a great start Portugal!
I wouldn't be surprised if one day China legalizes gay marriages.
It's a sad day when fucking Portugal is more socially advanced than America.

Uh yeah, because, like, the USA is the pinnacle of all civilization. Christ, Americans embarrass me ALL the time, even when I'm living on my own damn soil!
@9: At this point, the US is actually pretty socially backward and regressive among first world nations. Unless the left in this country grows a spine in terms of shaping the national dialogue (not likely), expect that fact to continue and in all likelihood increase.
@9: Remember, this was the Western nation that didn't get rid of slavery until 1865.
@12 Hey, at least you were ahead of Brazil (1888)!
I love how their president says, basically: I'm passing this law because the debate is taking up the parliament's time, and we have IMPORTANT stuff we should be working on.
Hooray for Portugal. I spent too little time in Lisbon many years ago. It might be interesting to make a return visit.
@13, Brazil may have been a bit behind on slavery (if your date is correct) but according to wikipedia Brazil decriminalized homosexuality in the 1830s. It's still illegal in some US states to this day! (recent Supreme Court decisions notwithstanding)
@ 11, fair point. I just don't think of Portugal as "first world." It's one of those historically underdeveloped southern European nations where the Church holds sway - unless things have changed a lot in the last 15 years or so, which may well be the case.
I like how he (the president) says that basically they have far greater problems gay marriage debate and that he doesn't want it to be a distraction. Basically what I think Dan once said: legalize gay marriage and it will stop being in the news all the time.
@17, things have changed ! Portugal is a free, modern and developed country.... and Portuguese governement do not any type of conections with church ! Next time try to be more informed about the issues.