El Centro Calls for More Police Accountability, Rallies Behind Chief Diaz


I'm with Madrid on this one. Its time for new leadership. My friends at El Centro are way off on this one, on the one hand you say you're not satisfied with the response and furthermore you acknowledge that there is a systemic and police culture problem that encourages profiling and turning away at brutality, but yet you support the man leading the department, it makes no sense.

Moreover, Diaz sat on this case for 2 weeks, and only suspended the cops because the video came out.

Many of us in the Latino community don't share El Centro s view.
Many in the Latino community DO share this view.

The focus shouldn't just be on one person...even if he is the "top cop." So he doesn't get the job...that still won't deal with the problem...namely the officers that beat up on our folks on the streets. This is a systemic problem and to deviate by individualizing the problem doesn't help the cause.

Diaz seems to have sat on it from your perspective...but have you thought to consider why? Why don't you ask the Guild. We did today. Very disturbing and interesting responses.

I support Obama, but I don't support the racist military that he leads. Am I wrong in that? I so, I guess I should just stop supporting any leader that represents any group that I believe is systemically racist. This goes deeper than just Diaz. Understand this. It doesn't make sense if you think individually rather than systematically.

Think about it.