Who's Afraid of Nancy Pelosi?


I'm glad that no ones afraid of Pelosi. That means she can leverage her clout to get a repeal of DADT passed and make ENDA happen and then her party leader can get out his pen and make himself look like he did something to earn the support of LGBT Americans.

i'm a liberal and i can't stand her.

Pelosi is hardly scary, in fact, Libs should find her quite the flaccid disappointment...as she merely carries water for the elites who hijacked the process.


Birchers - oh, pardon me, Birthers - will be sent back into the wilderness like Rand Paul who lost to two Dems last night.

patrick66 is probably spot on.
My favorites are the Teabaggers who send money to Pelosi's Republican challenger in an effort to keep her from being re-elected . . . from a district in central SF (inc the Castro) that has a 9:1 Democratic registration. They know their money won't do any good, but dagnabbit, they just hate her and they're sending a message!
Pelosi singlehandedly destroyed Bush's Social Security "reform." The haters can go fuck themselves.
I know wannabe teabaggers who pretend to be afraid of Pelosi because it's something to bitch about, does that count?
Can I just comment real quick since I haven't seen it anywhere else yet that the National Organization for Marriage has invaded MN and is "asking" MN voters to contact their representatives and demand that we voters get the "right to vote on gay marriage"? I am in MN, and I DON'T want to vote on gay marriage. For me, it isn't like choosing whether the Vikings get money for a new stadium or not. This is the right to wed the person you love!

If we didn't put interracial or inter-generational marriage on the ballot, why on Earth would we want gay marriage there? So Bobby Fucktard from the stix can vote against it? Just legalize it and get it over with already!
Misogeny isn't selling. The Republican chicken littles and Teabaggerbillys have jumped the shark. Americans are stupid, but not that stupid.
Speaker Pelosi is my hero.
@3 Right on, girl! I've found her to be lackluster, and so deeply afraid of teabaggers that she caves into their demands. You know those things that sprout off your uterus, Pelosi? They're called "gonads." Grow a pair!
I'm a San Francisco liberal. Never liked Pelosi until she became speaker, and you know what...she's a rockstar! I wish she were President. We wouldn't be hearing any of this "bandwidth" bull shit!
@5- What makes you so sure the teabaggers have that kind of depth of knowledge?

I mean, if you throw enough money at a problem, it'll eventually get fixed, right?

Actually this kind of makes me want to move back to the Bay Area so I can register as a republican and run for office on an absurdist platform, all paid for by delusional assholes.