Traffic Report


That's bad traffic? Wow, Seattleites are spoiled.
520 is WAY worse. Both directions. Ms game plus nasty weather = epic commute. Thankful for Sound Transit express buses.
Is that meant to be bad traffic?

I mean, not to be the "Oh you have it so easy, let ME tell YOU what I'M dealing with over here" type, but: I would rejoice if my Atlanta commute involved that little traffic. I look at that photograph and think it looks like the interstates at 11:30 AM on a weekday, or 11:30 PM on a weekend.
What's with all that space between all the cars? Sheesh.

Yes. It's true....…

Seattle, Washington is the city with the worst traffic in the United States, with an average of 43% of its roads showing heavy delays. Rounding out the top five cities after Seattle are Los Angeles (38%), Chicago (37%), San Francisco (35%) and New York (31%).
@1,3,4: Yeah, I have no idea what's up with this post. I-5 gets some pretty horrendous gridlock sometimes, but that picture doesn't demonstrate it all. Looks like smooth sailing in both directions as far as I can tell.

I think Grant's on a bender, but I still love him.
Heavy traffic to be sure, but nowhere near the kind of insanity that stacks up at the convention center some days.
express lanes were fine and i heard ziggy stardust on the radio. yay for me!
There's at least a viaduct's-worth of space free on that thing in this picture. 405 is where the real fun is at.

Someone just posted this on Publicola...

Density for cover when you read:

@10: old news. Most density advocates tend to appreciate good design. Those specimens are crackerboxes slapped up to make quick bucks.

Anyways, what is this traffic you car people speak of?
It'll be a bigger bummer if McGinn's "tear down the viaduct and not replace it" becomes reality.
That traffic, for that section of I-5, is right about average. Every weekday it is bumper-to-bumper for the busiest half hour or so of each commute. Grant's just smoking crack this week.
Haven't you heard? Cities are now where rich white people are moving, suburbs are for the poor. yeah, fuck 'em, I live in all white, rich, 'liberal' north Seattle.
Sorry I missed it. The bike commute was relaxed as always.
People at the Stranger don't know anything about traffic because they don't drive. To Grant, this probably looks like some kind of traffic apocalypse, but for those of us who actually own cars, that picture looks pretty good, especially considering the rain.

Stick to your 10-block radius around the Stranger office,'s all you know.
If you people think this acceptable, I feel sorry for you.
@17: Acceptability isn't even the issue. The issue is whether or not this is bad traffic, and it isn't. Not accepting the traffic just isn't an option if it's in your way.
Hey...I live in one of those apartments overlooking I-5 and that is not bad at all compared to how it usually is during rush hour. Grant, I'll email you a real winner this week.
Ha ha, look at all those people who can't afford a home in lilly white Seattle stuck in traffic.

Remember guys, Kent and Federal Way are the new ghetto!
@17 What a fucking troll. I thought you were bad enough when you were just a hack. Careful Grant, you're devolving.

Sorry everybody. As Lee suggested, I was on a bender! It just looked boring at the time. @19: Please do!
That's not a traffic jam. That's a traffic jam.
how much of a dent will the billions invested in light rail going to make in the I-5, I-90, I-405 log jams?
I guess those of you that don't live in Seattle don't know any better. For those of you who do, and who drive on I5, you should be pretty familiar with what the start of rush hour backup looks like here. Notice the top right section of the photo in the Northbound lanes. That is the beginning of shitty traffic from that point South, which means that from that point North, it's already bad. It just isn't in the photo.
What Callie said - that traffic jam probably extends well past Northgate (and the southbound lanes are probably jammed up that far north as well - and if the time marker on Grant's post is any indication, this was actually shot toward the end of rush hour).
...but this is indeed a walk in the park (so to speak) compared to what I-5 would look like if the supporters of the so-called "surface/transit" option for the AWV have their way.
I was in L.A. last weekend. Drivers down there would shit their pants with glee if any of the freeways looked like that at 6 PM on a Wednesday. Makes you realize a) how lucky we are to not have L.A. traffic up here, and b) how important it is to improve transit/bike/ped systems around here so we DON'T end up having L.A. traffic here in 20 years.
you morons know there was a major accident yesterday that caused 15-20 mile backups right?

Traffic is not bad in Seattle. If it was, I wouldn't drive.