Gulf of Mexico: This Just Keeps Getting Better


The government needs to order everyone to stop looking for any solution that involves or is concerned with BP recouping a single drop of oil. They've forfeited that shit.
The solution was obvious a month ago, and it's just as obvious today: Drop a "bunker buster" bomb down there and seal it off. No, you don't need a nuke.

So why hasn't this been done? My guess is that Joe @1 is right - that wouldn't allow BP to recover any of the oil.
I'm so sorry, Grant. I hope before you're done you get to see all the things still alive that your own kids, the way things are irrevocably going, will only know as dead.
Feel free to disregard as heresay, but a family member of mine works at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where they have a team of scientists assembled to work on this issue. They have several different methods to stop the leak, all of which would work, but are basically being ignored because BP does not want to lose the well. Apparently the government is not stepping in to force this issue to be resolved.

I am not surprised that mainstream media is not reporting the utter failure of BP and our government to resolve this quickly.
As long as Alaska senators block any attempt to make BP really pay, they will continue to dither.
How long before the government steps in?

Why are they waiting?
I hope the beautiful beaches in the panhandle don't get destroyed. Navarre Beach is one of the most beautiful sandy places i've ever been.
@5 The Senate has no direct control over national security. If Bush could order 100,000 troops to invade Iraq, Obama can order a sub to fire a bunch of torpedoes at a hole in the ground. What's BP going to do? Cry to the UN? They're in our coastal waters at our pleasure.
BP private security and the US Coast Guard threaten to arrest CBS news reporters trying to film an oil-covered beach.

This has gone beyond pear shaped.
BP does not want to stop the leak. They want to find a way to harvest the leaking oil. Stopping it is easily done.
@2: I miss your "Here's Johnny" avatar. Bring it back, please.
@2 Maybe they read GI Joe comics and don't want to create Cobra Island.
I think #10 nailed it. Been thinking the same thing for a few days.