Paging Richard Conlin: The Mayor Is in. Town Hall Is In. We're In. Are You Coming to Your Debate?


If he doesn't, he really doesn't have any remaining credibility after he and Frank Chopp sold Seattle down the river.
I think the days of making policy without a pre-polled smackdown audience may be over for good.
Never debate someone who plays fast and loose with the truth. Especially a trail lawyer, who is trained to do it well.
Just give it a rest already.
How dare you guys ask for accountability and clarity in policy positions.


Our politicians are elected to lead without any inkling of explanation.
Great idea! but not quite spectacle/P.T.Barnum enough. first, the city needs money, right? so to view this side-show one should have to purchase tickets. second, only a table and facing each other? nahh... think contemporaneous physical contest! they must debate the virtues of subterranean transit while biking up Cherry and/or a foot race down Broadway, ...oh and give one free to McGinn, a geoduck eating contest. Why, to accept any less would be contrary to everything The Stranger has come to represent.
Can I *tsk* you about the incorrect usage of "wherefore art thou"?
@7: Tsk away. Whatfore have I done?
"Wherefore" means "why", not "where".
Conlin is a coward.
Thanks, Eric. Yes, when Juliet bemoans, "Wherefore art thou Romeo?", she isn't wondering where he is, but why, of all the people with whom she could have fallen in love, it had to be Romeo.
@9 & 11: I did not know. Thanks! Adjusted slightly so as to avoid further tsks.
I'm sure he'll jump right on that chance to debate. Particularly hosted by such an impartial party like The Stranger.
I would go to this if it were a Glee battle. One that started when nerdy Conlin blogged wicked about jock McGinn's solo-hogging after the mayor slushy-drinked and dumpster-tossed him.

Instead of a cage match punctuated by whoops and boos, Town Hall will host an autotune-heavy beard-vs.-beard sing-off of Top 40/80's chestnut mashups with soaring non-autotuned backing vocals by Council guest stars Neil Patrick Harris as (a younger) Tom Rasmussen and Kristen Chenoweth as (a much more cautiously made up) Sally Bagshaw.

Glee battle or nothing.
@13 how dare you impugn The Stranger! Why one only needs to admire Savage's fair and balanced comment (herein) to judge the veracity of your libel against this contemplative brain-trust.
Why does this sound like Bill O'Reilly's taunts to liberals and politicians to come on his show, and when they don't respond, he calls them cowards?
@12: Well done. And now it's a more contemporary reference! Cheers.
Maybe we could get Neil Patrick Harris to show up and moderate it?

And then break into song ...
2 Things:

A lot of people would pay to see either or both of thaes guys get their comeuppence, so charge a little at the door and split the proceeds with a worthwhile charity. That way we'll know going in that at least some good willl come out of it even if there isn't a TKO

Have booze
He's on vacation. Let him be.
When he gets back to town, then you can get all over him about this. No reason to crap all over someone's vacation because they were dumb enough to check in and say something that you didn't agree with.