LOST: The Return of Evil Ben


I wouldn't say yet that he's exactly eeeevil. He seemed to be holding some card up his sleeve, still.

The biggest change in him, which I think is awesome, is how he was revealed to not be some powerful mastermind pulling all the strings, just a petty liar and murderer who'd figured out just enough tricks to seem like a veritable sorcerer to the confused crash survivors (guess all the Wizard of Oz references previous should have been a clue).

Every seemingly omnipotent antagonist on the show was eventually revealed in the same way to be pathetic con men throwing their weight around to try to maintain control of the Island with flashpots and parlor tricks, from Ben to Dharma to The Others to Widmore to Jacob and his dead ghost-twin.
What ever happened to that Walt kid? They kind of swept him under the rug, but in the early episodes he seemed pretty essential.
@2 They were really trying to set him up as an integral part of the show, but then he had a violent attack of puberty and as a result sprouted up two feet... That combined with the fact that the show depicted each day of the castaways life on the island, would have made it awfully hard to explain his transformation overnight. So instead, they wrote him out of the show. It's a shame really.
@2 Walt was significant only in that he was one of a number of child prodigies that interested The Others, who thought they were working for Jacob but seem to have been working for the Smoke Monster, impersonating Jacob. Also, he did seem to have some ESP, like Miles, Hurley and a number of other characters on the show

He's going to switch after he cuts Jack.
Evil Ben is the best drama coach EVER.
I kind of have a crush on Michael Emerson. *hides*
@7 Gloria, do not hide your love!
I have a crush on Michael Emerson too! He's simply delightful in interviews.

Evil Ben isn't back. He is and always been just absolutely ruthless and focused on what he thought was the right thing to do. He needed to prove he was a killer to Smokey, so he killed Whidmore.
@7 Me too! I totally had a sexy Dom Ben/Sub Me dream.