Re: A World Without Rape...


How long will this remain on youtube? I'm betting less than 4 hours.
Oh my. Too bad it's impossible to derive sexual pleasure from anything related to Anna Nicole Smith. That scene is highly unbelievable.
And you people think Meryl Streep can act!
The "falling from a great height" SFX are reminiscent of the jury-rigged ones from Be Kind, Rewind. Durr.
Why do they always have to land on a car????????
@5: To show how super fast he's falling.

I always find it ridiculous to see the rapist, after he has been thwarted by the victim's quick thinking and the office supplies freely within her reach, gets incredibly offended (to the point of surprise), at what she dared to do to him. B-movie rapists always seem to be under the impression that everyone was getting along just great until YOU STABBED ME? WTF?
@6 highly observant and hilarious.
Seriously, Mudede? Are you really this much of a retard troll?
nice dagger. i think it was an Ek.
Aaaaaaand it's down.
So I missed it. What happened?
you see her zoomers, then she stabs and shoot mr. pleather pants
And some mildly surprised cops then see Mr. Pleather pants fall out the window, spend about five minutes tumbling and flailing in the air.
I think you see more "AAAAAHH, FALLING!" than actual bewbs. If these people were going to make a porno ripoff of "Die Hard", you'd think there'd be more bewbage in it...
@6 it's not just B movies. It reminds me almost exactly of the news item that Dan put up earlier about the guy who forced a woman to fellate him at gunpoint. The only way to explain his behavior after that point (putting the gun down, and his arms behind head) is that he assumed that once she got down there, she'd start enjoying it. I'm almost certain that that asshat would have had the same look on his face (OMG why'd you just shoot me?)