LOST: As Summarized By Cats


Ahm. Heh.
Fellow LOST observers…

Do not be confused by the simplistic "white" and "black" devices to deterimine what is good and what is evil.

Do not be confused by your attraction to Jack, Sawyer, Kate or even Hurley when you attempt to determine what is good and what is evil.

The Smoke Monster is acting in morally justified ways, and is one of the few characters on the Island who is doing so.

Let's review:

1) The Smoke Monster was transported, against the will of his pregnant mother, to the Island. In short, he was kidnapped.

2) The Smoke Monster's mother was brutally murdered by those on the Island who seek to "protect" the Island.

3) The Smoke Monster has been attempting to escape his captors since the earliest days of his time on the Island.

4) The Smoke Monster, as a baby, did not choose to be wrapped in a black blanket.

5) The protectors of the Island have created the propaganda of good and evil, black and white, to cover their own culpability and brutish acts of murder and manipulation. 6) Jacob, initially a victim of the Island Protectors, has taken on their fight as his own.

7) Jacob accepted, without due dilligence, the story of his murderess adoptive mother.

8) Jacob attempted to murder the Smoke Monster, and in the process created the Smoke Monster.

9) Jacob has kidnapped and manipulated the primary LOST characters, substituting his judgement of the value of their lives for his own judgement.

10) The LOST Characters are merely pawns in a crime, primarily being committed, now, by Jacob.

11) Jack, by agreeing to take on the job of Island protector, is assuming the culpability of the Island Protectors.

12) Ignorance is not a morally justifiable excuse for the continuation of murder, manipulation and kidnapping.

13) Given the circumstances, Rose and Bernard have taken perhaps the only morally justifiable position relative to the war that is being fought, by refusing to play along (though, they might be more justified to join in the fight of the Smoke Monster).

14) The Smoke Monster has been acting in self-defense, and is justified in killing those who would join themselves to the cause of murder and kidnapping, even where they've chosen to do so in ignorance.

#2: Timothy -

What does any of that have to do with kitties?
Thanks Mary, this not only makes me believe I've missed absolutely nothing by not watching "Lost" for the past six years, but in addition, it also means I've saved approximately 4,550 minutes in the process.
@4 I feel the same way about avoiding shitty theater... except I know there has been far more shitty theater than Lost episodes.
@4 & 5, too bad you wasted all those saved minutes posting on Slog at least once an hour every day, even in threads inspired by shows you don't watch.
Yes @5, and I'm sure all those people doing theatre around here appreciate you not dragging your douchey self into their spaces, since clearly you have such a negative view regarding what they do.
Considering I've never watched one-single episode of "LOST," I still managed to find the video entertaining. I have no idea what the hell they were referring to, but entertaining, nonetheless.

I love cats, but I really love talking cats!
Thanks, that was a real time saver!
Thanks. I was going to buy the DVDs, but now I don't have to.
@4: A smigden of the awesomeness of LOST was lost in that summarization, just typin'.