Britain to Malawi: Free Those Men Or Risk Losing Aid


Where is Secretary Clinton?
Do Western governments—governments with openly Christian elected officials, governments whose foreign aid budgets include revenues collected from openly Christian taxpayers (many many more openly Christian elected officials and Christian taxpayers than homosexual ones...)—have the leverage to impose Christian values on other governments and societies?
@2: It's not about "homosexual values", as you imply. It's about basic human decency.
And if you've ever heard of colonialism, you'll know that a lot of those governments and societies already had Christianity and its values imposed on them by Western powers.
try again, Jr.
To Danny it is all about "openly gay elected officials" and "openly gay taxpayers"
Even if the money is pulled, it will only affect the lives of a few corrupt, government fat cats. It means they will have one less mansion for a while until which time an emergency flood or famine pops up in their country and then they can score again off of the Bono-inspired donations that are sure to come. Yay, foreign aid to Africa - it's saving the woooorld! (...oops, that's right, nearly 500 BILLION DOLLARS has been squandered there over the decades - keep up the benefit concerts, Bono! Woo hoo!)
When was the last time somebody actually made good on one of these threats? And don't the US and the UK maintain friendly relations with (and send aid to) countries that treat gays and lesbians even worse than Malawi does?
@4: Well, now, Alleged, aren't you the bright spark! You think that societal acceptance of minorities was something made up by the Homoseckshual Agender?
It's xenophobes like you who turned back boatloads of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.
While I agree with the motive - threatening financial harm if they do not comply? Isn't that terrorism?

Not that the US isn't already party to this kind of financial terrorism with Cuba. I guess when it comes to fiscal aid it's more of a grey area.
No, it's not "terrorism," @8. It's your money; you can give it to whomever you choose. Or not give it, as the case may be. This is no more terrorism than refusing to give money to that panhandler you'll meet on the street today is.
Yes yes yes! Go Lib-Con! Now this has made my day and restored some of my flagging national pride
Selective quoting by Savage.

Gay International Development Minister Alan Duncan wrote in Britain “must be wary of calls to use aid money as a political weapon”.

I've explained at length on why Savage (and others) should talk to gay African leaders before encouraging actions which have the very real potential to harm them.
You know what else harms people? Shoving them in jail for 14 years just for being gay...