The Trans Community Will Understand...


How is her point of view even possible!?

And the Trans community? Gays and Lesbians have included Transgender in our own fight, so what are they telling her? Is it more important to get her elected but disagree with her stands?
Some states only care about biological gender when determined who a transgendered person can marry. So an MTF could only marry a woman in those states. Other states only consider "chosen" gender, so that same MTF could only marry a man in those states. Marriage equality benefits the transgendered.

What a twit.
Of course it will understand.
One Issue special interest groups always view the world through a very narrow self-serving lenses.
They are the immature selfish two-year old brats of democracy, pitching their squalling tantrums and distracting society from the important things.
We all understand....
The fact is that only homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children.
I still think Anne Coulter is another self hating tranny also.
That's all kinds of messed up.
Classic man-in-a-dress with a portfolio of manpriv and sired multiple children, coming out at nearly forty. What a fucking dick.

These are the kind of people that transsexual people like me and mine utterly detest. Milo is emblematic of why we get a really bad fucking rep. As far as any of us are concerned, this Donned Milo is a transgender, but still a cissexual man — just like Seattle's sanctioned "Anne the Manne" Lawrence.

Dear miads: please go disappear and quit oppressing the rest of us with your fucking manpriv.
@4 - Everything you wrote, so applies to you.

Thanks for the insight.
@1: It's very common: people who are treated as second class by the majority try to join the first class rather than embrace the freedom of everyone. It happens every time a Jew tries to get those who say this nation is built on "Christian values" to change it to "Judeo-Christian values". Every time a member of a minority religion supports school prayer and other infringements on separation of church and state, so long as the prayer and such is vague enough to include their own beliefs. Every time a minority is OK with racism against another minority while trying to define his own group as more American than that group. And so on, and so on.
@10: As long as prayer in schools allows Pastafarians to say their prayers, all is well on that front.
And are there really Jews who get pissy about the "Christian" vs. "Judeo-Christian" issue? They'd definitely be on the list of "I can't believe we're the same religion".
@8, I've loved learning the lingo you've introduced to Slog. You employ it in a way Anthony Burgess wouldn't have objected to. Very cool.
@10 and all the black people who voted for prop 8
@12: I'm not sure how to take that. Might it qualify for a future entry on this blog?
No, I'm seriously a fan of the way you couch the words. I was being simply passive, not passive-aggressive.
@15: Thanks for clarifying.

Words are useless if they lack meaning. I would hope that the words I use aren't meaningless.
@8 - the fact that you disagree with her political convictions doesn't mean it's okay to delegitimize her gender. She's a transwoman running for office - are you really going to argue that she's got gender privilege?
I am so fucking sick of people using others' trans* status as a trump card against them. Yeah, she's a homophobic hypocrite whose campaign we shouldn't support. But that's *it*. That doesn't in any way open up her gender for questioning or ridiculing. Referring to her gender by calling her a "classic man-in-a-dress" is not only irrelevant to the conversation but reveals that you've never had true respect for her - or anybody's - gender identity.

@ 17 - Except that, as a homophobic trans woman, she is supporting the very same unjust social and political structure that has led to the unfair marginalization of transsexuals in our society. Obviously homosexuality and transsexuality are very, very different things, but homophobia and transphobia are pretty clearly related.
She confuses me not just on the clash of homophobia and trans-ness, but on another essential matter. She's trans and a Republican, and she's running for office. That takes cajones, and yet... none. I'm perplexed.
I think its so precious that she gives a religious justification for marriage being between a man and a woman.

Hey sweetheart, what do you think the Bible would say about a biological male realizing she's actually female and turning her body in that direction? We don't know because such a "travesty" (for the iron age desert people) would be unimaginable for them, but we all know full well that words like "stones" and "abomination" would be involved in the description, eh?
Even if she has been living with male privilege most of her life, and so probably doesn't much question the ideology that comes along with it, I agree with 17 that that doesn't mean that her gender identity is false. I also fail to see what relevance having children has to anything.

Gender identity and *ideologies* about gender and society aren't the same thing. Maybe you mean to say she has essentially the same views as a cisgendered man? Then again, *I'm* a cisgendered man (albeit a gay one), and I certainly don't agree with her...

I wouldn't vote for her in the first place on the basis of her other Republican policies (taxes, health care, etc.). But hell, she's not even on board when it comes to LGBT rights. So there's no appealing reason to vote for her, other than some tribalism about voting in an openly transsexual person.
@17: Yes, noahkins, that's exactly what I'm saying. Don't like it? I'm sorry. You don't have to live with the consequences of mis-association — much the way cissexual gays and lesbians for decades were piled in with the kiddie-piddlers and the horse-fuckers (yes, Charles, I've seen Zoo).

I'm a woman of transsexual life experience. It's all I know. Unlike the subject of this discussion, I have no idea what it means to be a man. This same-sex marriage-hating transgender — I would not call this person a woman even on a cheerful day — has all the trimmings of manpriv and, no matter what gender said subject chooses to identify, it's the denial of owning that history which A) confuses a lot of cissexual people (and non-transgender people); and B) screws us invisible transsexual people even further into being dehumanized and trivialized further.

Lastly, as a non-cissexual woman, there is no changing of gender. Yeah, I'll say it once more, with feeling: there is no changing of gender. We've already been through this before on SLOG.

Candidate Milo is a virus. Candidate Milo is also cissexual, not transsexual, and just plain damaging to both cissexual queers and pretty much all transsexual people — queer or straight. Again, sorta like Seattle's own Anne Lawrence.
Maybe you mean to say she has essentially the same views as a cisgendered man?

No. I'm saying that Milo's world views are indisputably shaped by zweir* being a cissexual man for forty years — in this case (unlike you), a cissexual, heterosexual man.

So now, as a transgender married to the same wife for 30 years, the only thing that really changed was the outward appearance. The world view Milo has advanced in this campaign speaks all for the life experiences zweir collected before coming out as a transgender. To advance a campaign that same-sex couples must not marry clearly underscores, italicizes, and then bold-faces Milo's marriage as a purely heterosexual one with all the trimmings to which zwie* feels endowed. Ergo, classic manpriv, and spreading it all around like a spray (also classic from many a transgender I've come across in my life).

As a cissexual gay man like yourself, I really cannot see how you or any other cissexual gay man could be conflated with that — or, for that matter, any other cissexual straight man (or woman) who unambiguously and fully supports marriage for same-sex partners.

* Another pronoun. Oh yes. Went there. Felt good. I might need a cigarette after this.
@1 "How is her point of view even possible!?"

The existence of Log Cabin Republicans seem a pretty good explanation.