Future Youth Pastor Watch Inductee?


Those eyes are totally saying "Take off your underpants, little boy..."
That has got to be 'shopped. I couldn't look that insane if I tried.

How could anyone let that get published. Their lack of judgement over photography should be enough to steer people away from their church.

Come on guys, he's filled with the Spirit of the Lord!! Shout Glory!!!!

And that's what you look like before you strap a bomb on your chest and walk on a plane or gay bar...
ah, the pettiness and smallness of bored hipsters...
Have you seen what the cheerleaders are wearing? Holy Fuck!!! Talk about wearing a full length dress for doing the splits or a pyramid!!!
Yep- filled with the life of Jeebus if ever there was. Praise the lord! And let's pray to Jesus about your sin of homosexuality, little boy...in my office, just you and me.
He's a homo.
Yeah, total gay vibe. Well, not just gay vibe, but that special kind of self-loathing gay vibe you only get from fundie closet cases.
Dang - on that page ("youth pastor" link) there are possibly 2 guys (out of 12) who DON'T look like closet cases...

Does he tell pre-teens to take drugs?

The way SLOG does?

His eyes are eating my soul!! Arrrgghhh!
Slog tells pre-teens to take drugs? Cite?
those 2 are faking it.
all child molesters are homos....
Half a world away from this guy and that stare is freaking me out.

I'm guessing this will go beyond child molestation charges. Those are the eyes of a man who likes to keep trophies from his victims.
Death to the non-photogenic!
slog thinks children as young as two should be forced to take crack. it's all over the slog.
Why do I click on unregistered comments? They're all so stupid and boring.
@17 - I do the same thing and I very rarely don't regret it.
I'm scared!

He's the love child of Michelle Bachman and Jeffrey Dahmer.
Ummm....It would appear that one of his kids has already been arrested for child molestation.....


Man pleads guilty to sex charges
Jeremiah Owens, 22, will be sentenced on May 23

By SHERREE GREBENSTEIN / Journal Staff Writer
POSTED: April 16, 2008 Save | Print | Email | Read comments | Post a comment
MARTINSBURG — A 22-year-old Martinsburg man charged last year with having sex with two teenage girls in Berkeley County has agreed to a plea offer from the county prosecutor’s office.

Jeremiah Daniel Owens pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault charges from an eight-count indictment handed up in October 2007 that charged him with sexual assault and sexual abuse against two girls, ages 15 and 13, and that stemmed from separate incidents earlier that year.

Under the plea agreement, which was accepted by Circuit Judge Christopher Wilkes, the remaining six counts of the indictment will be dismissed, according to Berkeley County Assistant Prosecutor Greg K. Jones.

Jones said the potential sentence Owens could face is not less than one year and not more than five years in prison for each count. Sentencing has been set for May 23 at 9 a.m.

Under the plea agreement, Owens must also register for life as a sexual offender.

Kevin Mills, Owens’ Martinsburg attorney, said he will ask the court to consider his request for probation or an alternative sentence at his sentencing.

“Mr. Owens has entered his guilty pleas to these two charges and he wishes to take full responsibility for his poor decisions,” Mills said. “We have a number of witnesses that will be testifying on his behalf at this hearing. These witnesses will be testifying in an effort to present the judge with a full and complete perspective on the many good things Jeremiah has been involved with.”

According to a previous report, the mother of the 13-year-old, whose name will not be published to protect her identity, said her daughter met Owens at the Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church in Martinsburg where Owens’ father is the pastor.

The first incident reportedly occurred in Berkeley County and the victim’s father told police that the 13-year-old had been sexually assaulted by Owens. A day after he was arrested on the first charge, law enforcement responded to another report of an assault, records show.

The father of the 15-year-old victim told law enforcement officers that his daughter had had a sexual relationship with Owens. The teen told her parents about the relationship after finding out that the same type of incident had been reported to police.

Owens was sentenced to three years probation in September 2004 after pleading guilty to three counts of possession of stolen property following a string of burglaries in Indiana, for which he had been charged with burglary and theft. In December 2004, a Fayette County, Ky., grand jury dismissed rape charges against Owens because of insufficient evidence after he had been charged in November of that year with having sex with a 14-year-old girl at a school in Lexington where he worked as a janitor.
Come on, you've never taken a bad picture? One where you look crazy? I'm not saying he isn't going to be trapping 15 year old girls on youth group trips to the water park any day now, but that's due to his fucked up beliefs. Any crazy photo is just correlation, not causation.
Also: "Dr." Steve Heidenreich. He is a million times creepier, like if you knocked on his door, he might lock you in a room and turn you into a human centipede.
Wow, good work, @20. The 2004 burglary conviction also suggests a reason why the Owens family departed Indiana (where the senior Owens had served as assistant pastor "under" Dr. Jack Hyles) for a new start in West Virginia. Jeremiah Owens has probably been rebelling against physical and mental abuse by his father. I don't think I'd want to see what's in that family's basement.

Also, re: other SBBC staff, they apparently need "Doctors" of some stripe to run their "Bus Ministry" and be their "Administrative Assistant."
I want to cut out his eyes and put them on my front gate to keep the Mormonizers away.

Is that going too far?
@19 FTW
You know the REALLY weird thing? No matter where in my room I'm standing when I look at this photo - those eyes are staring right at me!

Creepy, huh?
My eyes used to have the exact same appearance.....when I used to do Meth.

My gawd it's like looking in a mirror.
well his brother is a convicted child rapist. Or is this the same guy? I don't know. I can't find his brother's name on any sex offender list even though he was convicted in 2008. He received and extremely light sentence for raping a 13 year old and having an "affair" with a 15 year old (still rape). There is an allegation that an earlier assault happened but was covered up.

Yeah. talk about hiding your light under a basket.. hypocrites and liars.
and exactly what did this guy do to incur the wrath of sloggers? and his photo is so offensive to Dan that he is predicting he will become a child molester?

that post is unbelievable. petty, angry, bitter, embarrassing.
Dan didn't say anything about child molesting. Are you blind? But his brother (or maybe it's him) is a convicted child sex offender. Convicted. Not hearsay. Not rumors. A verifiable fact. Yet. He is not on any sex offender list. Why? Who got bribed? How is this protecting our children if a convicted sex offender can run around the nation without registering because of who his dad is.
He is a blinker and over compensating. The photographer should have had him close his eyes and open them on the count of three.
Koshari, the title "future your pastor watch inductee" certainly suggests that Dan is claiming he'll end up on his blog on the youth pastor watch, which is for alleged molesters. "i have a feeling we'll be hearing more from Brother Joshua in the future" means what? it means he expects this guy to be arrested for molestation. it's you who are blind.

it's cheap, bitter, misdirected anger. the guy did nothing but have the unfortunate luck of having Jeff Owens as his father. apparently, that's enough for the angry, bitter gang. @4 was right on.
Hopefully Jeremiah Owens got off with probation, and community service. He could do it in a church working with at risk youth;=)
Let me get this straight. Jeremiah was placed on probation after a string of burglaries and then was accused of raping an underage girl and the charges were dropped. He rapes a 13 year old and 15 year old and he gets MORE probation AND he is not listed on any sex offender list?

Daddy sure knows how to pull the strings.
21, How bad were the other pictures that they chose this one to be his official photo?
I mean really, was he drooling in the rejected shots? That picture reminds me of the Addams Family movie when Wednesday smiles at the summer camp.
You will not be hearing anything from him. After marrying his wife and 2 children ... he had an affair and was fired from the church. Now he lives in Montana!