A Fine, Gory Start to Your SIFF


You SHOULD go. I was in the audience last night, as well, and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil had my friends and I giggling over our cocktails for the rest of the evening.
I also saw it last night. It was great and it was also great that the director, cinematographer and one of the stars (Tyler Labine) was there as well.
I saw it tonight and it was AMAZING. Best horror spoof since Shaun of the Dead, IMO.
probably the most hilarious and heartwarming midnight adrenaline entry I've ever seen at SIFF!
I can't wait for this to go national! The youtube trailer that was released a while ago, back when they were asking for donations to finish the movie, had everyone I showed it to laughing like crazy. This is going to be a huge hit.
Probably my favorite midnite movie, dethroning Dead Sno from last year
that must mean that you haven't seen any since Dead Sno, because that movie kind of sucked