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...Also, thanks for the news!
Anti Israeli does not equal anti Semetic, although that's the way Israel likes to paint it.
@2: I'm sick of people thinking that as long as you support Israel's existence, you have to support their oppression of the Palestinians.
Still Illegal? Several reports suggest that the gay couple in Malawi who were tragically sentenced to 14 years in prison for holding an engagement party actually identify as a man and a transgender woman.

I could swear this discussion happened almost a week ago, yet it was all, "Awhhh no, they're just two persecuted gay men."

Now that the Advocate raised this, expect them to be forgotten.
@3 ftw. Then again, everyone from the Middle East are a bunch of whiners - it's obvious that Neanderthals have first dibs to that area - they were there first.
@5: Indeed and agreed. & they're Got-Here-Before-Us Americans, not Native Americans.
I could probably get into the 2-year-old digging little Justin more if I hadn't seen the Miley Cyrus poster behind her. So, Miley Cyrus fans have 2-year-old kids now? That's depressing.
OK, they're called Queers Against Israel Aparteid, but what's their CURRANT name? Wild berry?