Rally for Real Change Tonight in Pioneer Square


"snacks" is not specific enough. Please do more research? Thanks.
Crazy, Pioneer Square is the perfect place for all of Seattle's hobos.
Hopefully this rally will be as impotent and useless as the recent "immigration protest" that was almost completely ignored.
whenever I see the word "rally" I keep on thinking of this instead: http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2009/0531/as_…

I wish it was _that_ kind of rally for Real Change :/
"Bill Block, the director for the Committee to End Homelessness"

Soon to be made head of the Committee to End the Laws of Gravity.
The rally is fine and all, but couldn't Real Change avoid this threat by simply putting a few items up for sale in their lobby so as to qualify as a retail space? Or maybe they could put up some art for sale on the walls so it counts as a gallery?
whole thing is retarted. have fun.

PSCA is just some old bitchy lady living in a condo at the top floor on yesler. she doesnt want food carts because they 'look tacky'.

every time i see a real change vendor wave one of those things in my face i want to punch him in the face. same with those save the children ladouche bags or anybody that fucking wants my attention thats not a hot bitch.

fuck off!!!
That's nice I guess. If that Tim Harris had just a little tighter grip on reality, and could lose the habit of operatic hyperbole, this kind of thing could progress without quite so much drama. Then again, I guess we are lucky to have Harris, warts and all.

Not to undermine the simplistic good vs evil narrative the Stranger wants to weave or anything.
@aardark..please do so. You'll spend some time in prisonl(in Seattle assaulting a homeless person is considered a hate crime). When you are released, hopefully, you will have lost your housing and your job and being a homeless felon, Real Change will be one of your few sources of income...

hi 9. if i get sent to prison i hope its for something worthwhile
Put up my poster or I'll get the Stranger to write something nasty about you! Oh, wait, i own a newspaper too, so i can do that myself.