Re: Today the Stranger Suggests Full Tilt Ice Cream


Why does this compel the imagery of a cadre of gnomes toiling away through the dark hours of the night, pouring milk cream and mixing in the extra ingredients? Almost like the Full Tilt oompa-loompas or the Keebler elves?
I had the Horchata ice cream from there this weekend. Recommended!
Wait, so this means you guys had NO music recommendation whatsoever for the night(hell, you've even has NON-recommendations in the past, at the least, but this time nothing), AND you Stranger Suggested to go get ice cream, of all things, which is lame enough as it is(even though Full Tilt is definitely damn good), AND they aren't even open today?

That is just so awesome.
I had been wondering if anyone ever made Horchata ice cream. Thanks for posting, I will definitely try it.
Shouldn't this be a Christopher Frizzelle post?