New Pioneer Square Blog: La La La La La It Can't Hear You!


Are you kidding me? Your post was written for pay, where as the pioneer square blog is written by resident that writes the blog in her spare time, just for fun.
I sort of agree with Otter...reading just a bit of that blog makes it clear that journalism isn't the main goal there, and in fact sandwiches are the most noteworthy item in the good ol' P2 (which should catch on as well as "fetch" from Mean Girls. Or the West End neighborhood name).

Seeing that Call 911 is the #1 item on their list of "What can *I* do to help the neighborhood?" kinda tells you all you need to know about the blog.
Right, and only journalists that get paid can write quality, relevant content that represents the current events of their neighborhood.
Wait—we're paying Cienna?
@1,2--I'd agree, if we were talking about writing original content. But the blog is just linking to other sources' news items, and this is literally the biggest news happening in Pioneer Square. To blindly ignore it is funny and weird and embarrassing.
Brasa closing in Belltown is significant to the Square as the owner runs the Elliot Bay Cafe.
Well, the MyBallard blog manages to take on tougher topics than sandwiches and I believe it is written by volunteers. Recent topics have included why the drunken bums that infest Ballard should be shipped back to the Pioneer Square area verses why those who think drunken bums in Ballard are racist or homelessaphobic.
Let them eat (choke) meatloaf sandwiches.
I read the blog. It's more than reporting about sandwiches. The authors seem to be invested in the neighborhood and have posted some thoughtful, original articles. There are also TWO of them, and they do this in their spare time. Rather than act like a total bitch and rag them out on in one of your petty posts, you might have at least asked them why they weren't posting about THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN PIONEER SQUARE ACCORDING TO CIENNA IN LIKE, THE LAST DECADE, before you decided to put up one of your rag-fests that totally maligns innocent local bystanders. Better luck next time.
Cienna, are you truly that stupid? In your cozy little world, is Slog the only blog that is allowed to have an agenda? Or are you too dense to see that as well? Perhaps once you've been at the Stranger a bit longer, you'll do a better job of masking your hypocracy...
@10, I understand their agenda perfectly. It's sandwiches.
Maybe they are just trying to help a place stay in business in PS. It's a tough spot you know, lacking the CH gentry, I mean hipsters.