Council Fails to Override Veto


What was the roll call on that one, Dominic? tyilu<3
I love the newly-christened "terrible piece of legislation". It should be made into a proper name.
It would be pointless to try to enforce this. Go get some pepper spray and street scum will get the message quick.

Aggressive panhandling?

Sounds like what the Council is doing to get us to pay for the tunnel.
How do you "vacation" in a riot-torn nation while ignoring challenges to debate an unpopular Billionaires Tunnel?

Cause Richard Conlin has that down ...

Is it an art?

Or just being used to ignoring the issues that matter to the citizens one purports to "represent"?
They should re-write it and just ban panhandling near ATMs. I dont think anyone is going to have a problem with that.

Why? Some ATMs that are easy fraud traps. Walk up to ATM, insert debit card, get money, since you didnt swipe the card, 1 out of 100 think they already put the card back into their wallet and walk away. Less than a minute later, some bum is standing nearby, they walk up "Would you like another Transaction?", "YES!". Dont need to re-input the PIN number, just take out as much as it will allow. I lost 300$ to this one day, I blame myself, I was in a hurry, and tTypically I just use the swipe and go ATMs at the QFC. The old BoA ATMs were champions of this method of fraud, but instead of a software fix, they replaced their entire line of Seattle ATMs, I dont know how others handle this. But its a sure bet that if you see homeless hanging around ATMs, they can wait all day for someone to be in a hurry and simply walk away from the ATM without their debit card. Easy money.