Today in Things Tila Tequila Enjoys Snorting


Other than being a fairly attractive woman with a great cleavage and a silly drag-queen-sounding name, what's she famous for? Seriously, I don't know--and am not enough interested to check it out for myself.
@1 . what she's famous for is getting a million myspace friends or something stupid like that. shes essentially famous for being famous....
She's an abomination.
Yet another vapid pseudo-celebrity. Yawn.
OMG - I so must tweet about this.

stop feeding the monster
I wish I could get a lucrative TeeVee contract for my addiction. What a crazy country!
She's almost too old for porn...she needs to strike while the iron is hot! In another five years, she'll be too shiveled up to gangbang and/or skull fuck properly.
Wake n Ambien. I would've never though to try it. She should be famous for that if anything.
Of all the drugs that it makes sense to snort upon waking up, Ambien does not seem like one of them.
Dr. Drew is such a fucking hypocritical parasite.
Shocker! Someone gave themself a substance nickname and has a substance problem? Now I am going to fret about Needles the Clown.
Didn't she fake a pregnancy recently? What makes this claim of addiction legitimate? She's probably just trying to get herself on a television show.
How's that Russian adoption working out for you, Tila?
I was wondering what Ambien would do when snorted, and I read the following in the article:

"...side effects including hallucinations through all physical senses of varying intensity, increased impulsivity, delusions, euphoria and uninhibited extroversion in social or interpersonal settings."

I find that amusing, considering her line of "work." Almost too perfect -- can anyone confirm these side effects?
If I watch her on Hulu, will she wear a Hulu skirt?
Most. Useless. Person. Ever.
Sounds like my day, but with coffee and Tumblr instead of Ambien and Twitter.

@11, I fucking hate Dr. Drew. Never seen his TV show, but I hate him based on when I've been trapped in a room with "Loveline" on the radio.
How many times could you Google yourself? Or does Google have a secondary meaning? Something to do with a vibrator?
Those tits can't be real. Can they?
@20: They're not. Duh.
@18: If you've never watched Love Line, you're not missing much. All you're missing is Dr. Drew staring at the set lighting while he listens to each inane tween posing their question, most of which should have been answered for them in their Sex Ed class. Or by common sense.

I was driving one evening and didn't have any new Savage Lovecasts to listen to, so I went to the radio and found Love Line playing. When I tuned in, they were announcing a contest they were having, where listeners could contribute remixes to a 20 second song one of their guests wrote on the spot during a previous show. The title was--and this is absolutely true--"smoke more blunts and lick more butts." At that moment, I could not convey in words how happy I was to have found Dan's podcast so long ago, rather than listen to this bullshit.