A Reminder to Stop at the Bookstore Before You Head Home



Is it in paperback?
I avoided these books for a long time, they were just too popular and I was afraid they would suck. They don't - he's a very good writer. Picked up this one today.
Love that I misread it as:
"The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest: A Sting Lesson"
Paul, I really enjoyed 'Boneshaker.' Thanks very much for that rec. 'The Girl with the...' is next.
@1 - Not yet, hardcover only. Probably won't be out in paperback in the States for a few months at least. I did find (and ordered, read, and passed on already) a UK edition paperback from a bookseller in Ireland through Amazon though so you could always try that route...
Dang. Paperback is way more fun to read ...

Here's something really great.

Kindle...for PC!


Now I can read Kindle books on my ASUS netbook.

I read Dragon Tattoo and found it tedious. Great central characters, but the whole tacked-on business-maven-nemesis sub-plot managed to eat 100 inconsequential pages. Jesus, dude - get an editor.
@ #9 - He's dead, his girlfriend edited these books. Great profile in last week's NYT magazine.
I like the series and I bought the new one at 40% off at Borders. Which I know will get me flamed at this site. I do buy a lot at Elliott Bay, but I won't turn down a bargain either.
@ 2 and @5 - I did the same thing--avoided the books since they were popular, then tried them and got so into them that I ordered a copy from Amazon UK. I am willing to concede that the books aren't absolutely 100% brilliant or literary, but I definitely feel that the characters and story are fairly original and interesting, and I liked getting some flavor of Swedish society through them. I would never be into a book or series like this written by an American.

It's like the movie "Let the Right One In" -- the Swedish version is pretty amazing, while the American version ("Let Me In") is guaranteed to be pretty mediocre, if not outright bad.