Rossi Launches His Campaign to "Restore the Dream"


Was he baked?

Let's play Rossi bingo!

Playing card phrases:
"the last two years"
"massive new debt"
"government seems completely out of touch"
"grow and create jobs"
"wasteful stimulus packages"
"political establishment"
"out of touch"
"America's best days are ahead of us"
"If you answered 'yes' to these questions"
"unleash the energy and talent of the American people"
"ram through"
"the edge of a fiscal cliff"
"to make this country great"
"rise to the challenge"
"this time of crisis"
"protecting the most vulnerable"
"fiscally conservative majority"
"in the other Washington"
"common sense"
"bold leadership"
"right vision and values"
"the ability to say no"
"special interests"
"power back to patients and doctors"
"trusting the people"
"the government is on your side"
"we can do better"
"the hard work in the American people"
"their faith in . . . the American dream"
"work hard and play by the rules"
"incredible land of opportunity"
"Ellis Island"
"the freedom to rise"
"the idea that built this country"
"politics as usual"
"got us into this mess"
"free, strong, and prosperous"
"the campaign trail"
1992: 54%-46%
1998: 58%-42%
2004: 55%-43%-1%-1%

She's winning by an average of 12% historically.

(ignoring State senate and earlier failures as irrelevant)
2004: Lost 48.8685% to 48.8730%
2008: Lost 48.27% to 46.35%

I'm also ignoring the Rasmussen reports as propaganda, which is all that they are here. This is the best they have to offer? They stand a better chance with Didier. Then again, if Rossi goes down again there is about zero chance of us having to ever see him again on this stage.
hopefully this campaign goes as well as his last two
He's well on his way to becoming the John Tory of Washington state.
@1: Thanks for the play-by-play. I couldn't gag my way through the whole video this early. Ugh.

Well? We now have our own teabagger. Joy.
@5: Sure thing. I was mostly watching it with mock bemusement to see how many clich├ęs would seep from his maw. Evidently, several!
Both candidates bore me to death and, while I will vote for Patty, I'm not wasting my time on campaigning for her. I'll save that for legislators who evince creativity and inspiring leadership.
Rossi just doesn't get it. He's been out of public office for 6 years, and in the meantime has gotten back into the real estate game. He's a classic real estate hustler, an occupation that is about as popular as Wall St. investment banker or oil executive right now.

All his primary opponents have to do is ask an audience, "Did you, or someone you care about, lose your home in the past 3 years? Have you or a family member lost your job in the last 2? Thank Dino Rossi and his real estate hustler friends for that!"
What smarmy momma's boy. What a tested, proven loser.
It just hit me that Dino Rossi kind of looks like a Muppet.
Just looking at him evokes the thought of slime. Ick! Reminds me of an oily used-car salesman on Aurora Avenue.

Patty Murray may not be my ideal candidate, but she's done more for veterans over the last few years than anyone else has, and has been less-than-willing to hand over my uterine rights to the anti-abortion/anti-birth control crowd. I'm sure Dino-the-dinosaur will wibble-wobble on that issue, trying to weasel his way out of giving a definitive answer as to whether or not women should be in control of their own uteruses (uteri?).
quixotic at best. if he's not utterly delusional, he knows it. how much is the GOP paying him to be humiliated again?
oh, great...more damn campaign commercials with Dino tearfully recounting how his saintly mother worked as a scrubwoman at Club Z, hosing down the orgy room to earn money to put Dino through school...
Really? A real estate investor? Really? Don't worry teabaggers, he's one of us!
Restore the dream my ass. Restore the (failed, demonstrably wrong rightist) fantasy is more like it.
@2 Uh, he lost in 2008 53.2% to 46.8%. Here's hoping for a repeat of that outcome.
He only cares about Rossi.
he makes me wanna puke.