Big Dog Now Little, Still Scary


damn that's impressive. well into the uncanny-valley. i want one!
Can it swim?
Ah, the effort to reduce the political cost of warmaking by replacing meat soldiers with metal ones. Your child will some day (soon) have the opportunity to eco-friendlily walk or ride his bike to work for a private contractor to the US Army, where he will use a joystick to operate something like this to control overseas populations within our sphere of interest.
I want a horse version I can ride to work.
When are these considered a life form? It's mesmerizing and repugnant in a strange way.
@2: Does it blend?
Now cut off one of its legs and see if it'll start walking upright.
I don't know about anyone else, but it was the phrase "provides for safe human interaction with possibly dangerous robots" that got my attention.
@3, I predict terrorists will utilize these before the US Army successfully does.
Best part is the convenient carrying handle in its back.
My first thought was of Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 and the terrifying mechanical hound, which scared the crap out of me. But I find this video fascinating... Not scary, just... fascinating.
To be honest, this scares me. Not for what it is in essence, but for what will be done with it.

Peter F @ 10: I wonder if it freaks out when you pick it up? Probably just hangs the legs full length.
Nononono I hate it and I hate the Big Dog version even more. All these things are for is carrying weapons. They don't move right, that is to say they move too naturally. They scare me.
@3: The whole point of it is that it doesn't need a joystick. I imagine an operator would just be sending it coordinates to go to and checking up on it here and there.