Rossi: "Our country's in trouble."


Is he simple?
If that decor is what people are calling "tasteful" these days, we really are in trouble...
"We made a real mess of this country, we were grossly irresponsible, short sighted, greedy, corrupt, and dishonest. Send more of us to Washington to help stop the Democrats from fixing the problems we caused. Oh, and Jesus Jesus Jesus. Check valves on oil rigs is socialism."

(Roaring Applause)
-Dino Rossi speaking on behalf of Republicans running for Senate and Congress in 2010
"I'm running against a candidate who's number three in earmarks, been there 18 years, number four in leadership."

That's earmarks for Washington, right? Is he campaigning for Murray or against her?
@4 Considering that earmarks are about %2 of the budget, and go to frivolous things like mine safety and environmental clean-up technology, (hmmm...), I'd say he shouldn't run with that message if he wants to win.

It is heartening that he's using the same play book as John McCain because that worked so well.
Oh God, not the "Chinese banker" trope. I think my eyes are going to roll right out of their sockets.

Look, anything that disrupts the current balance of trade will certainly be bad for the US, but it will be 100X worse for the Chinese. They are not buying Treasury bonds out of the goodness of their hearts, they are desperately trying to prop up a neo-mercantilst system teetering on the verge of epic collapse.
And by "adult supervision" he means allowing the drug companies, the military-industrial complex, the oil companies, certainly the mortgage industry and its subsidiaries, the banking industry, and big agro- standing over them telling them what to do and how to vote (after cashing their nasty not-so-little checks). C'mon, Dino, don't tell me you don't already have visions of a new boat or a deluxe chateau in Vail dancing in your head.

Ridiculous and sad. Sadder still if people buy it.
we all know that Rossi's outing is inevitable, whether by rent boy or intern or rest room arrest, but please PLEASE let's hold that back until closer to the election

Murray on the other hand seems like some kind of hoary joke that was left over from 1994 and the days of the Clintons. I keep forgetting that we have a second Senator, as it seems she's been hiding in the Capitol Hill basement for quite some time!
The GOP loves the Commies, especially the Chinese. Bush handed them our economy w/ a golden ribbon.

The GOP has true Commie values: Loyalty to the Party is the only virtue. Mass Media exists solely to relay that message, using the Common Man as their symbol ("Joe the Plumber", et al.) The Justice System exists solely to enforce that virtue. The Party is the only source of Truth & Good Governance, anything else is Evil Incarnate.

Blah, blah, blah....

I know my history, I know where this goes. I'd rather have an incompetent politician than the extremist fanatics of the GOP/Teabaggers.
@1 ftw.

Face it, this guy is so out of it, he wants to give our tax dollars away to his Comrades in Red China and Russia.

If he had his way, all our jobs would be exported there, using our tax dollars as well.

That's how out of it Comrade Rossi is.
"Our bankers, the Chinese, last time I checked they were communist"

Oh wow, someone please get him an internet connection and show him that China is far from communist, and that a true communist state has never existed no matter how hard Mao tried. It might be a funny joke to tell at parties to your friends, but in terms of substantive political facts China is a capitalist country that provides food, shelter, water and medical care to all it's citizens. If that last part makes them communist in his small brain he clearly has no idea what the word means, or what humans need to survive. If the battle over capitalism and communist is fought on the topics of wealth vs respect, consider myself whatever is beyond communism please, this capitalism shit sucks balls.
you girls enjoy your snark.
we bet you thought Kerry and Gore
were going to win also....
He's counting on us having a short memory. Less government regulation spells catastrophe in our financial sector, in our oil sector, even in military preparedness. This is still the mantra of people who never get enough of robbing the American people blind.
@14: You twits thought McCain was a sure win. Bring it, and bring this fool of a scare-tactician too.
So far this guy's given speeches at a real estate seminar and an old folks' home. Next stop, the Kiwanis Club!

now Jr, you're just being silly....
no one thought McCain was going to win, and no Conservatives shed a tear because he didn't.

you Libs are out of touch with the mood of the people- Rossi is going to resonate with a lot of Real Washingtonians. try not to be too surprised or bitter when he wins
@18, I usually don't read the comments of the unregistered pieces of rotten horse semen that post on slog but really? "Real Washingtonians"? Seriously, you are really going to say that?

And notice how the red states love being red? You know who else likes being red? RED CHINA!!! That's who!! Republicans are Communists!!! CASE CLOSED!!!
@18, we libs are the people, we are the "Real Washingtonians". Rossi does not resonate with us. Who he resonates with is major corporations and wealthy individuals who want to pray on the very "Real Washingtonians" that you say Rossi resonates with.

If the people that you define as "the people" and "Real Washingtonians" feel as though Rossi is speaking for them then they are idiots. Yes, idiots.
Cato, you forgot to say that he's worse than Hitler.
Interesting choice of venues for his (latest) first candidate speech - a place that cares for Alzheimer's and dementia patients? Is he testing his rhetorical devices on them so that he can tell if they'll work on the Republican faithful who don't critically think, but just look for the (R) on the ballot?
Didn't Patty just procurr a big chunk of earmark to keep the Howard Hansen dam from failure, saving the Kent Valley and it's inhabitants?

I'm sure they'll all vote for Rossi to stop this kind of charade.
Besides taking notes on the speech is it also possible to call Rossi out on what he says at these types of speeches? Or are you more likely to get a shoe in your face by an old person.
@21, You've heard my new slogan for the GOP right?

"Today's Republican Party; not as clever as the Nazi's but we're trying!"
now now-

You homohysterical liberals crammed in your little corner of the state are totally out of the mainstream of American and Washingtonian values.

Did you know that 92% of Americans believe adultery is immoral? Here on Slog your Beloved Leader thinks it is a prerequisite to happiness.

Rossi may be a smarmy phoney but the points he raised are genuine concerns for America and of Americans.
You girls' gleeful kneejerk out-of-hand dismissal betrays how out of touch you are.

You should spend a little time inside a WalMart once in a while.....
actually that is your own foot in your mouth, sister
For those that don't read the unregistered comments, from @26

"You girls' gleeful kneejerk out-of-hand dismissal betrays how out of touch you are.

You should spend a little time inside a WalMart once in a while..... "

Do you believe adultery is immoral?
Are 92% of Americans IDIOTS who need to be governed by an enlightened smug homoliberal secular humanist judicial theocracy?

@26 92% of Americans may think adultery is immoral, but the Republicans are the hypocrites who stand up and preach family values and sanctity of marriage, then get caught visiting prostitutes, wearing diapers, dumping their wives who are in the hospital with cancer in favor of their mistress, using a wide stance in the men's restroom, and bashing the gays while visiting gay bars or hiring male prostitutes to lift their luggage.
They are the ones who are out of touch with mainstream America and Washington, because they think they can do whatever (and whoever) they want and get away with it, meanwhile dictate how the rest of us should live.
But I'll admit, I don't spend much - if any - time in Walmart, so you're right, I probably am out of touch. My wardrobe doesn't look anything like the people of Walmart.
92% of American may think adultry is immoral, but a lot more than 8% are engaging in it. There's a reason why hotels no longer require proof of marriage when couples check in.

As for this odd little idea that Wal-Mart shoppers somehow represent "real America", you may be right - but don't forget that most of "real" America doesn't vote.
we're sure you're quite a fashion horse.
and far superior to the idiots who shop at WalMart,
in every way.
just too bad you're stuck in Utah,
no one can appreciate your fine qualities.

you are right about Republican's sexual scandals.
it is just tragic that Kerry and Edwards weren't elected to provide moral leadership to our nation.
simply tragic.....
theyre RUINING the GODDAMN COUNTRY! this beautiful land of freedom and strip malls and track housing and environmental disasters...
Modern conservatives, aside from being fanatics & extremists, propagate the politics of the bully. They are not interested in justice, or determining and producing what is best for all, they care nothing for improving society at large, or even improving the life of the individual. They only care about who has power and who is powerless.

Just reading the comments of these conservatives proves my point. They want power, they feel they've been denied what is rightfully theirs, and those who stand in their way are either cowards or weak.

They're not interested in wielding that power, except as a club against those who they feel threaten them. Eight years of W Bush proved that. They offer the fake feeling of power, but little else of substance.
You know, Rossi did say one thing that made sense.

Building a Giant Wall.

I recommend we place it along the Washington-Idaho border, to keep all the crazies out, with Rossi on the Idaho side.
If the Chinese were communist the last time he checked, then he must not have checked since 1979 when Deng Xiaoping instituted market reforms that transformed China from a communist hellhole into an unfettered capitalist hellhole. The only thing communist about China today is the name of the ruling party.

Dino Rossi: Out of touch with world affairs for the past 30 years.
Clearly this post should be titled, "Right here in River City."
Gov. Rossi will make a fine Senator, unless operatives in the Democrat Party try to steal yet another election from him.

Any time there is a close election, the Democrat Party must automatically become suspect for vote fraud. With ACORN and the SEIU out there registering illegal votes, and the Black Panthers intimidating voters, it's like the antebellum South all over again.

The Democrat Party is one of the scariest, most anti-American institutions around right now.
@39 I am at war with liberalism (because it is a gateway to marxism and fascism) and its agents, and the primary engine of liberalism is the Democrat Party.

There are other right thinking patriots who agree with me, and you will hear from us on November 2nd.

And if Barack Hussein Obama goes through with his plan to create a pretext for suspending these elections, as he undoubtedly will, then you'll REALLY hear from us.


NIce, on topic response. Are you a product of the public school system?