Dave Reichert: Anti-Gay Bigot


I'm shocked.
I guarantee that guy is gay. Look at him.
I want to "shat" on Reichert too
i will shat a vote for Reichert
Plastic faced, right wing bone-head. It's never progress, for these jerks, it's always status quo.
@ 3, 4) Thanks and fixed. Although that typo was really divine.
I really didn't want you to fix it
@5 Status quo ante bellum for most of these reactionary pricks
He can certainly (partially) redeem himself by voting for ENDA (but not holding my breath on that).
Total gayface. That pic just screams "Truckstop Cocksucker."
It's time to say goodbye to Reichert. I will do my part to see he is not re-elected, how about you?
Man, I look at that picture and all I can think is, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"
When did Steve Carell's hair turn white and eyes turn blue?
what important to conservatives is the conserving. it doesn't really matter what it is as long as it doesn't change.

He needs to let someone else do his eyebrow plucking. Achieving symmetry is hard.
But he caught the Green River Killer! He deserves to be congressman for life! Never Forget.

Or something.
@6 Dominic, I thought you had mispelled the verb "shatner".

Re Reichert: He is so distinguished-looking.
red alert!!!! gay face, with died eyebrows and everything.

another 'case' to file under the freudian rubric: reaction formation.
If you don't like what he just did [vote to keep DADT as the law of the land], the very best thing you can do is support his opponent any way you can.
I realize this is an insult to Leslie Nielsen but this guy kind of looks like Leslie Nielsen. Only thing is, Reichert isn't funny at all. This man is deffinately an insult to his constituency and the entire state of Washington. Let's all hope he doesn't serve another term.
Dom, you precious little tool-

when you call any and everybody who disagrees with you a *yawn* "ANTI-GAY BIGOT!#@!" you reveal yourself as an immature hysterical little prick.

We realize you've learned it from Danny but, gawd child, surely you don't want to grow up to be a shrieking prejudiced old queen like him?

We've told you before but we'll repeat; if you were a smart lad you'd take a few years off from shilling the homoliberal gospel and write for a real paper in some small town. Obits, school board, Rotary Club stories. Learn the old 'who,what,when,where,how...' of reporting and how to spell names right and how to at least pretend you are objective.

You're young and still have a chance to make a decent reporter out of yourself if you were ever exposed to any actual journalism.

Think about it.....
Def. gay airport cock sucker, but not in real life, natch.

Saw him in an interview all tanned and it looks like he shaves his chest, but not gay.