Groin-Punching is Unhealthy


Man who signs up to be a pediatric urologist?

Actually that is perfectly normal and nice to be a doctor, maybe I have been reading too much youth pastor watch!
Paging Johnny Knoxville. Dr. Knoxville please come to the ER.
The children of America are all turning gay now! Look what the liberals have done!
This was common on my HS football team. As we were lined up on the sidelines waiting to practice or play, certain kids would walk down the line and whack your nuts with the back of their hand, ostensibly to give you a reason to wear a cup. The end result was 40 boys standing around with their hands hanging in front of their crotches.

The kids that did that are still hillbillies in Kansas, with 3 kids in a trailer park and long criminal histories.

Uh, as a woman, damage from self-defence is sort of the point when you're being assaulted by someone with packed luggage.
"Playing chicken of the groin,"

Comparing a very old and stupid self destructive game to a new one?

I think in my school days it was slap jack.
Sounds like they're desperate to touch each other's junk. Good jerk off material for that night.
This is almost as head-slappingly dumb as that article putting parents on watch about the 'spraying yourself with Axe and setting yourself on fire' teen fad from a few months back.
This is not new. Stuff like this happened when my father was in school in the 50's
Yep. Stuff like this happened when I was in school in the '50s.
...I'm kind of glad it didn't happen to me in the '90's O_o

What is this; the west's answer to Kancho?
Once again, so glad not to be in junior high any more.
This has a ring of "rainbow party" about it to me. Namely, ridiculous reporting by a conservative-leaning news source on something they believe is an epidemic, because they've only just discovered it. Or made it up.
@13 This stuff happened when I was a teenager. Seriously. Frankly, I'm glad. Idiots voluntarily indirectly castrating themselves? I think I feel the gene pool getting stronger!
Back in my day, it was "fresh cuts". Brain damage instead of ball damage.
Isn't this just called 'bromance'? I mean sure, it's dangerous, but at least it's not gay...
Why don't women do this? Taffy-tapping totally seems like a good way to waste 10 minutes
From Yukio Mishima's semi-autobiographical Confessions of a Mask:
"'Dirty' was a traditional sport at our school, always widespread among the boys during their first and second years, and as is the case for any craze for a pastime, it was more like a morbid disease than an amusement. We played it in broad daylight, in full public view. Some boy--call him A--would be standing around not keeping his wits about him. Noticing this, another boy--B--would dart up from the side and make a well-aimed grab. If his grab was successful, B would then retreat victoriously to a distance and begin hooting:
'Oh, it's big! Oh, what a big one A has!'
As though by prearrangement the victim would shout:
'Oh, that B--he's dirty!'
Then the bystanders would chime in with a chorus of assent:
'Oh, that B--he's dirty!'"
(pp. 50-51, Weatherby translation)
C'mon major league baseball catchers: I dare you stud-muffins go one full season without they high cherished necessity: YOUR CUP, DUDE, TAKE IT OFF!