They'll move back to the Red States they came from and lead the Revolution.

... oh, you weren't serious about what would happen to the artists?
Wow. I'm shocked, and a little horrified. Will there be some sort of closing/memorial event at the House or elsewhere?
That really sucks!
Jesus. Not a single Mary Henry sold. Jesus.
Hi Jen,

The image by Richard Barnes is amazing. The caption is a bit misleading though, as the building is Pier Luigi Nervi's Palazzo dello Sport (now PalaLottomatica) which was built for the 1960 Olympics. It's correct that it is in EUR, the Fascist suburb, but the only building visible in the image was built long after Mussolini went upside down in Milan.
They may deserve a home, but do they deserve a retail outlet? Seems they failed on that front already...
Not good. Is this the start of a domino rally?
It was a pleasure to be in your space, Billy Howard. Thanks for a good run.
Billy will be back. He is not one to go down so easily. I suspect that there is already a plan in place.
The art world is changing.
And the economy is worse than we think.
And people are worried that huge new government costs and taxes are coming. Buy new art or save for a higher cost of living?
There will be two more closures by year's end, I suspect.
Comment #1 is seriously funny!!!!
Embarrassing? How about just not economically feasable for the time being. That explanation should more than suffice. Why should anyone be embarrassed for failing to sell artworks. Sadly, what that statement really translates to is that artists should be embrrassed; since Galleries are merely middlemen. Should Bill Traylor have been embarrassed to sit on a sidewalk and draw on discarded paper bags and cardboard he sold for a quarter? And what of the Mary Henry estate. Is it embarrassing to spend your life devoted to something others neglect to discover and value? How about the population at large being embarrassed. What are they afraid of? Buying an ipad and a hummer rather than art? Now that is embarrassing!
What does a former gallery owner do for work? Can they declare bankrupcty? Do they collect umemployment? Or are they all trust fund kids pretending to be down with the people in the first place?
Dear Friends, Supporters and Colleagues,

Howard House will close its doors at the end of June. For nearly thirteen years the gallery exhibited artworks by exceptionally talented artists supported by visionary collectors, thoughtful critics, inspired curators and the full spectrum of enthusiasts. The goals of Howard House were simple: exhibit conceptually rigorous and aesthetically compelling art by local, national and international artists and help foster their careers. Build the business steadily and grow the collector base through national and international outreach. These goals were achieved but not without the help of current Associate Director, Nancy Stoaks, and past associates Sara Callahan and Gary Owen and numerous interns.

I believe the artists and exhibitions at Howard House had a positive effect on the discourse surrounding contemporary art. It has been my pleasure to help educate the public about the exceptional artists, artwork and exhibitions. Howard House offered me great opportunities to meet exceptional people and I believe that we have all become friends and have gained a great deal of enjoyment from these friendships. I have learned from everyone who walked through the door of Howard House and I deeply enjoyed our intimate conversations about our passion for art.

I plan to keep the gallery website updated with artists I represent and current projects, and Howard House, LLC as an art advisory service for curatorial endeavors, art consulting, appraisal and resale.

Thank you for all your support.

Billy Howard
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