McDonald's Is So Gay


Aw, he's scared to come out, that's so cute, gimme a burger.
so subtle but so effective of an ad. it's almost a scene out of a very good French movie. gotta love the French for this.
That boy has dreamy eyes.
I love that boy!
I loved that. I wish they would do that here. Ok, this is probably a horrible thing to say, but I'm going to say it anyway. They should run that add here, I would love that. But all the fundies would jump up and down boycotting McDonalds. But then they might lose some weight and not die off as quickly, so I have mixed feelings.
and he does have dreamy eyes.
I have to wonder how this would play in America. I can totally see a massive McDonald's boycott. How awesome would it be to see an army of religious right assholes storm the restaurant on third & pine?
In the American version of this commercial the kid would be 400 lbs and have type II diabetes and his boyfriend would be the Grimace.
Constance was quite a chunky gal.
This is a really disturbing commercial. McDonald's is trying to market itself as a safe haven for gay teenagers? How is a McDonald's restaurant allowing this kid to come as he is...? I'm so confused.
@10, I think that the advertising agency were implying tht even if he thinks his Dad might be concerned at who he is McDonald's isn't.

I agree with some of the other posters that I couldn't see this ad being run in the US, it MIGHT be allowed to run here (although we are slowly morphing into a less tolerant society with the Religious Right trying to rule the roost as well) but I can live in hope.

I would also agree that I hardly think of McDonald's being a gay tolerant place, but I know a few gay boys and girls who work in them here and they seem to suffer nothing worse than crap wages and a lack of social status.
I love it!!!! I wish it were for a healthy food though.