Today in "Ways to be Cool"


I like the fact that Helmets and Mohawk are listed together.
welcome to last years funnies!
"Irony" might be my favorite.
Everytime I flitch something from Ambercrombie, I feel cool.
You people really need to pay attention to what's happening on the interwebs more. This is like the third thing today that's fucking ancient history.
I was wondering what it took to be cool. I already wear all black, the facial hair will come in once I hit menopause, and I've always wanted to learn to speak European. I'm on my way to coolness. Woot!
Speak European! Achtung! But then why move to Williamsburg?
Not sure which I like more. "Hollywood" or eat more meat.
it's true, I hung out with Steve and just look at me now!
Doing an author signing at Costco is also a way to be cool.
Best way to be cool. Be comfortable in your own skin.

Least likely way to be cool. Taking advice from magazines or blogs on what's cool.
Eat more meat?
Ambercroombie & Flitch?
He missed:

Get a tattoo
Fly a helicopter
Vaguely allude to a past heroin addiction
Know someone famous
Die young
Too bad it's not something more like, 'be kind', 'give away something to someone who needs it', 'smile at people' 'tell my parents I love them', or 'compliment 5 people'.
@15: Too bad "cool" has never meant "boy scout." Also, you're taking these suggestions more seriously than you ought to. They're basically all ridiculous, and that's the point.
This list pretty much covers it. Shit, man.
Are the '00s making a comeback already? Too soon!
@16 I realize the childlike nature of this list, but it's rooted in something. Our society sends the message that commercial bullshit and puffing up your chest for everybody to see is what will make people respect you, and it's not. People will like you because you're not a dick, and that you're giving of yourself. It doesn't mean being a boyscout, it means being a selfless adult.
@19: Keep thinking that, I guess. You're treading the fine line between optimism and schizophrenia, in my opinion. There is much to be said for acting like an adult, but popularity is not at the top of the list.

Sorry, but you are terribly naive. And I say that as someone who is dedicated to being what you describe as an adult. Or at least trying to be.
anyone else out there notice that nowadays there is absolutely nothing countercultural about hipness nowadays? sadly I have recognized all of these stupid fucking trends. if coolness has to exist it can at least be threatening, subversive, like it used to be.

funny slog post in any case
Shit--I read it as "Eat more NEAT". And @14: This is only page one. I'll bet that other stuff is covered eventually, LOL.
360s? Like, Xbox? On a bike? Or ... pirouettes?
@20 Your being threatened by good says more about you than it says anything about coolness. The people in my circle who are popular are the kind and giving ones.
"Ways to be Cool"

1) Don't make a list about ways to be cool...