Bomb de Terre


Germans. They can make a bomb that still works 70 years later. Now THAT'S good design!
Actually, it was probably American.
Or British
Wow. Reaching out from history to.. blow yer ass up.

Couldn't pay me enough to do that job.
That's just how the 8th air force rolls, motherfuckers.
Whenever I'm afloat somewhere bigger than the bath I imagine one of those spiky floating WWII mines drifting around and BOOM! RIP sappers.
At least that's one thing we don't have to worry about here!
Plenty of Englad got the shit bombed out of it in that war, especially my home town. Growing up there don't remember ever hearing about bombs needing defusing, tho there were plenty of bomb craters still around. (Handy as a teen when you needed a good place as a teen to go drinking)

Germans built good bombs: They didn't fail to blow up when they were s'posed to!

Well, not completely:

As recently as December 2007, construction areas outside Orlando, Florida discovered UXO in new development areas and had to halt construction efforts.[1] Other areas nearby, including UXO in the Indian River Lagoon[2] thought to be left from live bombing runs performed during WWII by pilots from nearby DeLand Naval Air Station have long been avoided by local boaters for fear of accidentally striking UXO as they motor by.

According to US Environmental Protection Agency documents released in late 2002, UXO at 16,000 domestic inactive military ranges within the United States pose an "imminent and substantial" public health risk and could require the largest environmental cleanup ever, at a cost of at least US$14 billion. Some individual ranges cover 500 square miles (1,300 km2), and, taken together, the ranges comprise an area the size of Florida.…
@8: "10News Investigates Backyard Bombs"--San Diego-area former bombing ranges that are now the neighborhoods of Tierrasanta and Del Sur.…