He's Bush all over again.
First off, nobody knows how much oil is off the coast. The numbers are proven reserves, and I'm guessing exploration has not been a priority where a categorical ban has been in place.

Second: soon or later, whether we like it or not, that oil is coming up. Not because of evil oil companies, not because of complacent government, but because of us. We all use it, and we all get VERY CRANKY when the cost of gas cruises towards $5 a gallon. The drilling will eventually happen, and we should be focused on making sure the producers pay the fuck up when they blow it.
Just like the last governor's race, it's a fake progressive versus an authentic lunatic. One pays lip service to social responsibility while giving handjobs to lobbyists, as long as they're lobbyists from the right industries, while the other gibbers and flings his own shit and all-but-openly hates us all.

@2 - Yup, we might as well just bend over and accept the impending disaster. Good plan. While we're at it, we might as well build a big nuclear plant right on the outskirts of every city in the state but make sure that the companies who run them are prepared to pay when they inevitably meltdown. All because people don't like to pay too much.
He's Cheney all over again.

This is why we have Three Strikes and You're In Idaho in this state - to take care of socialists like Comrade Rossi who want to privatize your wealth and socialize the risk on the backs of the working poor.
Anyone who opposes
"drill, baby, drill!"
must come up with a concrete alternative
that can be implemented now
or shut the fuck up.

Reduce demand. Reduce demand. Reduce demand. Reduce demand. Reduce demand. Reduce demand. Reduce demand. Reduce demand. Reduce demand. Reduce demand. Reduce demand.
@7 - use alternatives. Wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, the list is MILES long.

Just tell that to Dino "Oil Spill" Rossi.
Rossi sucks.
@9 That won't ever happen until it is economically feasible. Most people don't give a shit about the environment if their personal bank balance is involved.

As was mentioned above if you ban drilling and the price of gas goes to $5 a gallon heaven and earth will be moved to get an oil rig setup immediately. This is pretty basic psychology and political science.

Once we burn through enough oil and it becomes more rare then it will be cheaper to use alternative fuels. The only way to speed up this process is to invent and invest in alternative fuels so make the curve of adoption lean away from oil sooner.
@11 removing corporate tax exemptions and subsidies for oil is what makes it feasible.

I've been playing this investment and energy game for so long and there's always excuses for not doing things.

But they're just excuses.
@6: Hum, perhaps higher standards for industry? More recycling? I also think we do need more nuclear power plants, but I know that isn't very "liberal" of me. If we added 2 or 3 more I think it could really help us out. Or how about a program to put solar panels on the roof of every building in the sunniest states? (cali, arizona, texas, florida, etc). With the amount we are paying each MONTH to be in Iraq, we could fund a hell of a lot of solar panels.

But hey, if you want to suck down oil til we all go tits up in economic meltdown, be my guest asshole.
To the muddled thinking and reporting: If you wish to have more control over your life (and money) vote for less government intrusion--in this case Rossi. If you need or want a Mommy/Daddy that wants all of your money so they can manage you, vote for Murray.

If you vote for Rossi, you'll have more money, for a variety of reasons, and then spend freely on health care for your neighbor, buying solar panels, etc. It's a win-win.
completely slanted article, from the pic to the language... we have no viable alternatives right now and I for one dont want to pay more for everything under the sun to limit a few gases that plants like... public transportation is a joke, it takes too long to get anywhere.... i will drive my car, fly planes, and heat my house.. so why not search for oil locally as opposed to depend on countries that are hostile to the US...

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