Listen Up to the Sherpas!


profane gals are so hot
It's news like that that makes it hard for me to fall asleep listening to NPR/BBC. Try switching to Coast to Coast AM and if they're talking about UFOs or Big Foot, and not something like the economy or war or politics, it's much easier to fall asleep.
yes. yes yes yes.
Listen to Bookworm podcasts and you will be in dreamland soon.
This is only dangerous for the Sherpas who do all the work setting up the fixed lines for the clients and dragging their asses up the mountain. If a client's crampons do not grip properly they can just put their weight on the fixed line and grunt fuck their way up.
Dude, it's the livestock (lamb, cow, and pig products) you promote for a living that causes global warming more than anything. It causes massive deforestation for pasture, soy, and corn feed, and produces a ridiculous amount of methane gas. You, Bethany Jean Clement, are likely more responsible for global warming than anyone else reading this.
This makes me think, too, of Brendan's rant against the Peter Pan army, and wonder whether I'm in it (wondering means I sure am).

My parents were tougher than me about seeing the world through good journalism - they could listen, really listen, to the BBC news as they drifted off, and weren't freaked out by the world as it is like I am. They had the Cold War and Jim Crow and My Lai to live through as clear-eyed as they did, whereas I'm just a thumbsucker who's ascared of and outraged by every little thing.

Compared to them I realize I'm just an old homo who needs to leave wearing ringer Ts to actual children, and maybe think less about whether his eyebrows are adequately groomed.
Who says we weren't freaked-out, Gus? We just sucked it in is all.
Nepal, now with 15% less monsoon.
i love the word sherpa too :-)
Fifty-Two-Eighty, to me freaked out is when we turn away from reality. The bit that worries me is those of us who are turning away from reality because we can't handle the truth. We all have to vote and help run things, and if we're all sucking our thumbs we'll make dumb decisions and be led astray by any fool who promises us safety.

Ah, I see. Yeah, that's pretty frickin' disturbing, alright.
I hate Mt. Everest. Stupid mountain.