Baseball bottoms and tops. . .


When I was a kid, and an enthusiastic new baseball fan, I was unfortunate enough to have only seen Willie Mays play in the extreme twilight of his career. I was like, "Is this the same guy who made that amazing catch back in the 50's?"
a natural cycle is the rarest feat in the game.

maybe, but not nearly as significant as a perfect game.
If you are going to mention Pedro Martinez losing a perfect game in the 10th, you have to mention Harvey Haddix losing one in the 13th.

"Haddix will always be remembered for taking a perfect game into the 13th inning of a game against the Milwaukee Braves on May 26, 1959. Haddix retired 36 consecutive batters in 12 innings essentially relying on two pitches: fastball and slider.However, his Pittsburgh teammates didn't score, as Braves pitcher Lew Burdette was also pitching a shutout.

A fielding error by Don Hoak ended the perfect game in the bottom of the 13th, with Felix Mantilla being safe at first base. Mantilla later advanced to second on a sacrifice bunt, which was followed by an intentional walk to Hank Aaron. Joe Adcock then hit an apparent home run, ending the no-hitter and the game. However, in the confusion, Aaron left the basepaths and was passed by Adcock for the second out and the Braves won 2-0. Eventually the hit was changed from a home run to a double by a ruling from National League president Warren Giles; only the first Braves run counted, for a score of 1-0, but the Pirates and Haddix still lost."
@3 You are correct, but that didn't happen on this date in baseball. . .

And if we discuss Haddix, what about Fred Toney-Hippo Vaugh's double no-hitter through nine innings?

From the Baseball Guru:…

he rates it as the third best pitcher's duel in baseball history. The Cubs, of course, lost.
The goddamn M's are bringing up an effing RELIEVER to replace Griffey on the roster. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. They already plain released one of the only effective relievers on the team, while AA junk like Sean White still has a job.

The stupidest thing about cork is that it doesn't work. You maybe pick up a tiny bit of bat speed, but that's it. And no proven hitting advantage at all (maybe a decrease). But getting caught is funny.
@5, maybe they just want to try out another reliever before dumping White (or dare I hope, League)...?

It's not like we have a lot of bats in the farm system at the moment...
@4 - Ah. I missed the this date in baseball part. That'll teach me to read before I'm fully awake!
And to paraphrase Joyce, I kicked the shit out of that comment.
Junior who?

Is he playing in the World Cup?
Shut the fuck up, Will.
@9, the FIFA World Cup is actually a soccer (or "football", as the rest of the world calls the sport) championship tournament, that will be played in South Africa beginning next week.
Also significant on June 2: Babe Ruth announced his retirement.
No one is discussing it on SLOG yet (that I know of - I haven't checked the Junior Retired posting since last night), but rumor has it that the M's are going to trade Cliff Lee at some point. If they're smart they'll trade him for a good bat or two.
@13 of COURSE they are going to trade Lee at some point. That's been obvious for weeks. What is there to say about that, other than how depressing it is (granted I sort of feel bad for Lee, wasting most of a season, stuck in Seattle)...?
@ 14, excuuuse me, but it wasn't the least bit obvious to me. You trade for one of the best pitchers in the game and decide to lose him less than halfway into the season? I would figure on a longer term commitment.

I know you're all sore over the M's season, but try not to unload on me every time I talk about it to, okay?
@15 If you cannot afford what he'll require as a free agent next year, or if you do not think that he wants to stay with your team, you trade one of the best pitchers in the game. See C. C. Sabathia, etc. over the last few years, including Lee once already.

A month or so ago:…
@15, okay, okay. The whole situation is just a bummer.

Lee was available, the Ms jumped on the opportunity, gambling on a pitching-heavy strategy this year that didn't work. Lee, who is awesome, never had any chance of being re-signed, but the early implosion of this season has made the need to cash him in painfully obvious.
@ 16 & 17, fair enough. I've forgotten that this is a contract year for Lee. Still, the reporting I'd read made it sound like the M's were going for Lee for the long term. Obviously they'd be in the running more if they were winning, but it sounds like Seattle's gone small-market in recent years. Well, let's hope they find some contender that's willing to part with some decent prospects, because that sounds like the only way they'll make a quick turnaround.