Headline of the Day: Up with Grumps!


So that's why celebrities are so stupid. It's the always-sunny weather in Los Angeles!
So that's why I hate the Billionaires Tunnel ...
I'd rather be forgetful and dull any day, said the person who has lived in the PacNW for over 49 years, and doesn't want to go back after school is done solely because of the motherfucking weather.
Far fucking out!
Well shit, I could have told them that. Fucking dumbasses.
Goddamit, I forgot what I was going to say!
Depressives live longer, curmudgeons are better workers, and now this. Yay me!
I never minded the grey, wet weather in Seattle and I lived there until age 32. Now that I live in an almost-constantly sunny (though not usually warm) part of the mountain west, I relish the rare overcast and/or rainy day. It's cozy.
@8: I'm with you. When I have lived elsewhere, I've found the amount of sun oppressive. I mean, you feel like you have to go OUT and DO SOMETHING, instead of read and listen to music and take a nap. California's the worst, all those cheerful, active people who don't remember anything. [MORE MISC. GROUSING]