Dino Rossi's Web Site: No Issues.


Hey He could be Just like Vaughn Ward From Idaho. First he plagerized Barack Obama in his kick off speech. Then he plagerized almost all of his positions word for word from other republicans and then when he got caught he replaced them with other positions that were also plagerized from different republicans. And you wonder why a democrat can win in the one of the reddest states in the county.
It takes time to be shifty.
But if you have an issues page, you're locked in. It's much more convenient to change your beliefs and policies depending on who you're talking to at the moment.
What an empty suit this schmo is. If you don't know where you stand on the issues, or why, what's the point in running? He just wants to get elected, not to govern. Typical republican.
Hiring all the spinmeisters to package the Lies from Dino takes time. They don't work for free, you know.

Lying is expensive ..
Notice that the logo for his run isn't in Red White and Blue, but instead they are black (or real dark blue) and yellow. Seems like the same color scheme as the "don't tread on me" flags that are so popular with the teabagger crowd.
What is the going price on a soul these days anyway? Obviously I need to get in contact with... my senator? Some dude that isn't even a senator yet? I'll get right on that, thanks.
@7 The Serifs are going to kill him in rural areas, just look at GWB vs. Kerry's signage in 2004.

Bush: San Serif .: Win rural areas by a landslide
Kerryn : (frenchy) Serif .: Suck it up everywhere

Post Hoc Ergo Proptor Hoc - Rossi is going to lose because he has serifs in his logo
I once shared an airport shuttle with Dino. There he sat, in a 3 piece suit and RUNNING SHOES with the most vacant look in his eyes. Not a staring-at-nothing-on-the-bus look, mind you, but the kind of look that makes you wonder if anything at all is going on in there. I am not making this up.
@10 - you saw that too? man, I thought that was just me ... one time I was at an event he was at, before they went on, and he did that too.

It's like he's a robot.

A French America-hating Socialist Republicant Robot.