The Final Get Loweded Is Tomorrow Night


i went to this when it was the stranger suggests, and it was the worst example i have ever experienced of the stranger conning people into paying money to attend their friends parties. also the people were dicks and clearly not interested in anyone new attending their lame performance thing. seriously, me and my friends were the only people there who weren't in the show or sleeping with someone in the show.
the Stranger only 'suggests' this event because Larry is involved. High school favoritism / BFF club!!!
I agree. This show is the worst piece of trash ever produced. It sickens me.
I remember that night when the outsiders showed up. They were beautiful. I wanted so much to touch them, to make them feel welcome, but they seemed so clean and untouchable. It made me feel dirty and small to be near them. The skin on my hands burned at the thought of caressing their hair... their faces. I yearned to be an outsider too, but it can never be. I'm too caught up in the dime-store glitz, the penniless glamour, the fast-paced world of lowbrow bar theater. When this show is over, there'll be nothing left for me but to sleep my way into the periphery of another pathetic attempt at entertainment. And so it goes.
Get Loweded gave me crabs.
Now you tell me.
i was at that show and let me tell you downbythefreeway is right because i was fucking the hole cast and thats teh only reason i went and also chas-is-handsome is probly some kind of fag
@6 you said you'd call...
That guy is fat.

@1 maybe you smelled like suck.
@9 Your first drink is on me tomorrow, you mysterious, astute, wonderful, person you.
This show makes me sick.
What a terrible show! They totally hate their fans. Three of the cast members have tried to kill me on a total of nine occassions. Two of which were times I wasn't even at Get Loweded! If you're like me and hate things like entertainment, burlesque, comedy, having a good time, drinking, interacting with really cool people, and flag museums, stay away from this one!
I went out to lunch with Get Loweded and halfway through I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back: SEVERAL of my french fries were missing.
yeah that show kinda sucks, but that bakesale chick is super foxy!!
@ 1 Your "friends" wouldn't happen to be named Topo Gigio and Spider-Man would they?
@1 I attended that show. If things had turned out differently you might have ended up married to one of the cast members. Boy did you dodge a bullet. I wish I was that lucky.
I was in the hook up what was that guys name? He sure was pretty.
Oh, wait, no he wasn't. Man that sucked.
This show wuz fo mathafukin hustlas!!! Straight up. It's where I met Mystikal.
I hate this show and will never go back again. The people who put on this trash should be ashamed of what they are doing. It is horrible, distastefull, nausiating and a discrace to decancy. I can only hope that the owners of the establishment come to their senses and stop you from continuing this travesty. Respectfully burn in hell.
you know Mom, sometimes, I don't feel as fresh as I think I should. But then I go to Get Loweded and I realize what an itchy vaginal discharge REALLY feels like and I go home and high-five myself. Over. And Over. And Over Again.
Wow, I haven't seen this many deleted comments since a Hilary vs. Obama presidential primary article on here. Get Loweded was a performer's performer show. With any variety show, and especially one as ambitious as they were, you're always guaranteed some hit and miss. It's the nature of the format. It's impossible to have a rotating cast like they did, and keep the draw strong. They always gave up and coming people a chance on the show, and more often than not came up more than solid.

Get Loweded was the 1st place I ever saw Fuchsia Fox do burlesque. When Comedy Central filmed a music video with Reggie Watts, I was disappointed that it was a song I had previously seen him perform there 2 years ago! It was also one of the 1st times I saw They Live!/Mash Hall perform with break dancers. I got to meet John Keister from Almost Live! in person there.

They were never afraid to experiment, and it's where a lot of performers felt comfortable enough to try new routines before they were shown anywhere else. Evilynn Sin Claire debuted new acts there all the time, who I imagine probably won't be there because she's performing at the National Burlesque Hall of Fame right now as we speak. After this show ends, I have a hard time imagining what other show is out there that will have so many artists from multiple scenes sitting in the same audience to watch their peers try to out-do them.

It was a beautiful creative synergy.
Hey chump, you realize most of these comments are jokes, right?
It was one of the only places I have ever witnessed scenesters eat their own poo and french kiss "outsiders" in the name of performance art. Wait, that could have been any night at any venue in this town. We all gave each other the clap, too.
It was one of the only places I have ever witnessed scenesters eat their own poo and french kiss "outsiders" in the name of performance art. Wait, that could have been any night at any venue in this town. We all gave each other the clap, too.
The writers are so obviously sexist and racist. They pull that stupid, hipster Sarah Silverman stunt where they try to shock but they think its ok because their characters are mildly retarded.

But no one there knows what its like to be black. And I bet they don’t let any women do the writing. Putting stereotypes on stage is no way to challenge them.

You can only challenge stereotypes by inviting underprivileged, minority communities into the civic discussion. Once you engage those people in a real conversation, you can hear their different voices and see how they are unique individuals just like you and me. Turning them into a punch line is just cheap laffs to go with your cheap beer.

What's wrong with cheap beer!?

anyways, I've only made friends for life at Get Loweded! and I'm sorry to see it go (almost as sorry as I was to see it move from Mondays, when I knew there'd be nothing better to do that night & I knew at least they would entertain the fuck outta me)
So, the more I think about this the more I actually have to post a real response @1. I have nothing against your opinion of the show. You had a lousy time and didn't make any new friends. That sucks, man. Are you new in town? Seattle can be a tough place to get in with people, or so I've heard. Yes, GL has a LOT of inside jokes, as is exemplified in this comment thread. It's interactivity in it's truest, and there are recurring motifs, arcs and plots between the acts. Conceivably, we did something that hadn't really been tried, but I hope will be attempted more often: theater/events that aren't elitist, are a release, and are a parody of our culture.


While the Stranger staff has been known to push its friends events, is that really a cause for frustration. After all, many of the "Stranger friends" I've met have been some of the most creative, inspiring and well rounded people I've ever met. However, your judgement of this event as one of those examples is not correct. As producer of Get Loweded, I met Brendan Kiley well after the start of the show's run...after sending press releases to the Stranger staff for years when a member of the cast of any production so much as sneezed. Apparently we connected with him and he ran with it. It was, and still is, an honor to have had the support of such a well-rounded, verbose and interesting journalist. It wasn't about cronyism, it was about the right subject.

As for Larry Mizell, he gets an undeserved discredit. I'm sure you are referencing his status as the resident hip hop columnist. I have had the pleasure of multiple conversations with Mr. Mizell and can guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that he is very much well read, well culture and well defined as a person, gentleman and worldly scholar. Furthermore, he's funny, quick witted and articulate. If anyone has been more appropriate to be a contestant on this low-brow trivia show.

As far as everyone being in the show: Yes. Everyone that came to Get Loweded was in the show. Including you. We love for new people to come. We love to make new friends. Come back anytime as long as anytime is next month. This show is for the performers and we have enough friends.
@26: Uhm.... you realize 1 of the writers is a black woman, right?

yeah! @26, one of the featured artists is a black woman! danielle radford, ever heard of her?! i have... but only because i hate women and black people. GAAA! just the thought! ...but, you know. funny is funny