American Faust: From Condi to Neo-Condi


I sometimes wonder what the world might be like if Dubya had given Condi a job for which she was very qualified, Ambassador to Russia, instead of one for which she clearly wasn't qualified, National Security Director.
We might have a functioning relationship with Putin, and we might also still have the Twin Towers.
She's currently on TV every few minutes down here endorsing one of the most dismally right-wing candidates California has seen in a long time.
Is it just me or is her head ENORMOUS?
I'm still surprised she's over fifty.
Condi Rice would make an excellent President. I'd love to see her run against Barry Soetoro.

A debate between her and Sarah Palin would be interesting indeed. A spirited debate about how to move America forward between two great Christian patriots.
This was a fantastic eye opening movie about Condoleezza Rice's motivations during her political career. I highly recommend it!