Attention, Sounders Fans


I’m Sounders ‘til I die
I’m Sounders ‘til I die
I know I am, I’m sure I am
I’m Sounders ‘til I die
I always thought it was a little jab at those folks who never even so much as talked about sports in polite company, then all of a sudden the Sounders become an MLS team and they're like "YEEEEEEAH! I've been a die-hard soccer fan my whole fucking life!" while dressed head to toe in brand new team apparel. I met quite a few of those people last year.
Specifically, it's also the "heritage" song. Sung at the 73:01 mark on the match clock (the 74th minute), because 1974 was the inaugural year of the original, NASL-league Sounders, the first time to carry the name. I know I am, I'm sure I am, I'm sounders 'till I die!
The one that gets me is the "Pill Hill Scrubs" one. "We're like you: a little different." I'm sorry, but there's nothing "different" about Pill Hill Scrubs - hospitals are clustered on a hill commonly called Pill Hill for obvious reasons and health care providers wear scrubs. Fuckin DUH.

Now, the First Snowflake Freak-Out Lady, now THERE'S a funny and appropriate ad.

@1 thanks for the link! That supporters have worked a skull into their logo is...something. Is it to acknowledge the deadness of their section's namesake Royal Brougham?
@ yeah, that pretty much sums up every sounders fan I know. The other common denominator is in the past they scoffed at my love for Baseball and Football. But now they ask me to change the channel from baseball to soccer when I'm at the pub. What a bunch of twats.
Although I should note "The blue and the green" is my preferred chant, with "Take 'em all" a close second, only because I love watching little old ladies inexplicably know all the words to old Cock Sparrers songs.
I don't know what those words mean but that guy's crazy face is hypnotizing.
the scarf says more than words could ever

I know I am, I’m sure I am
a faggot, how 'bout you?
@2 -- You mean Frizzelle?
I'm England 'til I die!
I'm England 'til I die!
I know I am, I'm sure I am
I'm England 'til I die!

It's a nationalist hooligan chant form Thatcher era England repurposed for Seattle soccer by the anglophiles of the Emerald City Supporters club.

It's be kinda nice if the Sounders fans got a little more in touch with the fact that the NF's trappings are a shaleful thing to co-opt in support of Seattle's contribution to the beautiful game.
@2: Or it might be a jab at the people who never noticed the disparate, global game jerseys because they didn't offer a cohesive image of local soccer culture but now love to rag on a new franchise's fans based on their newness?
@9, that is not a scarf any gay could have had a hand in creating.
@12 Ah, nice try, but no. Seattle's soccer fans were legion long before Drew Carey brough MLS to town, we all know that.

Every sport has its bandwagoneers who try to pass off as lifers. Taking a few jabs at those types is no big deal, and often deserved. (and no, Jube @10, Frizelle doesn't count.)

Wow. Thanks so much for asking this question, as that ad has puzzled me for months now!
@14 -- Apologist. You just want the whozeewhatsit.
"I'm H.A.P.P.Y
I'm H.A.P.P.Y
I know I am, I’m sure I am
I'm H.A.P.P.Y"

Only When I Laugh. My favorite british sitcom as a kid.
Didn't that used to be a union chant?
Swirly-eyed tweaker living under the Ballard bridge,

We're a lot like you!
The "I know I am, I'm sure I am" is a line from Soccer/Footie chants - most clubs have some variant of the chant with the quoted line remaining the same.

I think that it first appeared with the Prem (English Premier League) or other levels of English Football.

A number of MLS fans have adopted cheers and chants that are associated with either the Prem in general or with certain teams in particular to fit their own team.

At BMO field in Toronto the chant is "I know I am, I'm sure I am Toronto till I die." The TFC support group the Red Patch Boys tend to just cut to the chase and print things that say "Toronto till I die" rather than the the part quoted in the ad. But the quoted section will strike a chord in any reader who is a follower of the Beautiful Game.
"Busses" are kisses. "Buses" are large public transit vehicles that run on streets (and also the third person singular form of "to bus" in the present indicative, i.e. "he buses the dishes").
@5: from what I understand, it's because skulls are cool.

Actually, most longer-time ECS are pissed at this ad, because they feel like Pemco co-opted something that they were doing on their own and turned it into a corporate thing.

and 11, it's re-purposed from just about every club in England. Nice try, though.
@22, they also sing "No One Likes Us", which is stolen from Millwall I believe. Now, lower than that one cannot sink, unless it be stealing from Chelsea or Man Utd -- but the only songs they ever sing are "What team is ours, Daddy?", "Excuse me, is there Hollandaise sauce for these?" and "If we leave now, we can be out of the parking lot by nine, I need to stop by Whole Foods and pick up some ciabatta".
Thanks for clearing that up, because it confounds me every time I wait for my bus. All the other ads in that series are kind of wonderful, though.
Oh, I think busses looks way better and makes more sense than buses. Oh wait, no! I change my mind. Buses looks smarter. Oh! But not when capitalized! I quit.
Everyone knows that Moses came down from the Space Needle carrying the Sounders Songs engraved in florescent green on golden waffle tablets.
Some people get excited about soccer. Some people get excited about making sarcastic, douchey, "I was cool before cool was cool" comments on the slog about how lame everyone else is.

Potayto, potahto.
No, pretty much all our songs are lifted from Euro groups and personalized a bit... Mostly from Germany, but some are so popular that they're done in leagues everywhere. "Take em All" is the closest thing we have to "ours", but even that has a history that predates ECS.

BTW, how funny is it that an insurance company chooses a chant that goes "I'm sounders til I die", and tries to change the words by flashing it up on the jumbo... You'd think they'd want to get people a little focused on the consequences of death, and maybe sell some life insurance?

And why is there a Seahawks fan?
@23: and if sung by some of the slog regulars would read like this:

"What team is ours, Daddy?",

"Excuse me, is there Hollandaise sauce for these?"


"If we leave now, we can be out of the parking lot by nine, I
need to stop by Whole Foods and pick up some ciabatta".
----*gah, unfortunately will in seattle

*but if you added the line ", so we can get home before we get aggressively panhandled."
The most obnoxious thing about it is that they don't bother to hang their quotation marks. It looks like it was thrown together in Word.
At least they used typographer's marks and not inch marks, but you're right.
Nullbull wins!
we'll take your word for it on this,
as we've never actually seen a guy in a scarf
I prefer "busses." "Buses" looks like it's pronounced beeooosez.
@34: As opposed to Buseys?…
Can we get a "Self-deprecating Pemco Ad Writer" billboard?
I'm also so glad to have this cleared up.
@22 If you're comfortable sharing chants with the 70s NF and the modern EDL knock yourself out. Tell yourself it's kosher all you want. Some of us see right through it.