The Morning News: The Oil Cap Is On (and It Appears to Be Working... Kind Of), Joran van der Sloot Has Been Arrested for Murder, and the "Barefoot Bandit" Has Been Offered $50k to Surrender


Something hit Jupiter last night (this same Australian amateur astronomer first spotted an impact on Jupiter in 2009 that has since been determined to have been an asteroid impact 10 times as big as the one that made the crater in Arizona 50K years ago):…

Space X, a private rocketry company, has their Falcon 9 rocket on the launchpad in Florida right now, with the launch held at T minus 15 minutes and holding -- this is the rocket contracted by NASA to potentially supply the International Space Station. Live feed here:

In 1979, an explosion and fire on the Ixtoc I well run by Mexico’s state-owned oil company, Petróleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, took nine months (!) to plug . The company’s first attempt with a relief well failed, so it had to drill a second. Eventually, more than 140 million gallons of crude spilled into the Gulf of Mexico — still the biggest offshore oil spill on record:…

homosexuality is very popular with youngsters today.
Also, follow-up to the blown, perfect game ruining call by Joyce shows that there is still class, grace and humility in Major League Baseball:…

"He's human. He made a mistake. He feels terrible. I gave him a hug." -- Armando Galarraga

It is pretty much de rigueur for the starlets to very publicly dabble in the Lesbonia anymore
I'm guessing the oil cap will appear to kind of work throughout the day with vague semi-positive statements from BP and the gov't, then finally Saturday morning while people aren't paying attention they will admit the thing didn't work.

Just like last weekend.
Obama is Furious.

That is a big step up from Fiercely Advocating.

That oil better watch itself,
if it knows what is good for it....
I fear @5 is right. And I fear that we'll have a lot more pictures like the ones that accompany this article in the coming months.…

All I can say is that this spill has brought the rednecks and environmentalists together in Louisiana, something I thought I'd never see happen.

Wouldn't any money the "Barefoot Bandit" received be subject to seizure and re-distribution to the victims of alleged crimes if he is convicted? Almost every state has such laws to keep criminals from profiting from their misdeeds.
Miley is the new Lohan. I expect a drug scandal and a boyish girlfriend within 3 or 4 years.
How many women does van der Sloot have to kill before they finally stop his ass?
Yeah, they got the cap on.

And the Feds FINALLY approved sand berms that Bobby Jindal asked for weeks ago.


We can all agree that Barry Soetoro is the worst president ever. Read below to find out why I think that is:…

These are truly scary times.
The lawyers probably came up with the 50K idea themselves. Representing the barefoot bandit will be publicity for them and is worth more than 50K to them probably!!
Although the percentage of Americans 18 and older who smoke has dropped from 42.4% in 1965 (the first year the CDC began keeping records) to 28.8% in 1987 to below 20% now, it's still amazing how many people think smoking is cool.