School Muralists in Arizona Asked to Lighten the Skin Tone of Their Subjects


Wow... Words fail me.
does the Prescott Home Depot carry that particular shade of KKK White?
that councilman is a jackass. it's the spineless "i'm not a racist" horseshit that gets me. everything (the writer says) that Blair says after that would indicate he is a prejudiced moron. if you're going to hate non-whites, why not just stand up and say it instead of padding it with "i'm not racist" (but i can't tell Latino from African-American... they all look the same to me).
It's official.

The Boycott of Arizona is now Permanent.
This is nothing new - there's a long history of anti-Mexican sentiment in the southwest. I'll bet you didn't know that Texas Ranger badges were originally made by cutting a star into a Mexican Peso, just to piss them off at seeing their money degraded like that. In fact, I have a recent Ranger badge that was given to me as a gift, and you know what? The reverse of it is still made to look like a Peso even to this day.
Ace Rothstein: [talking about Don] The guy is history as far as I'm concerned. History.

Phillip Green: You can't just fire him. Webb's his brother-in-law. He's County Commissioner.

Ace Rothstein: So what? Everybody out here with cowboy boots is a fuckin' county commissioner or related to a county commissioner. I'm fuckin' sick of it.

You know, I've enjoyed myself every time I've gone to Arizona--usually for Mariners Spring Training and occasionally to perform comedy.

I've got friends--comedians--who live in Arizona.

I can't tell you how many of them (but, important to note...not all of them) seem to have lost their minds--either by proudly proclaiming their support of racist policies (often as their Facebook status updates) or raging against the people of the world who criticize their state for supporting racist policies.

I've lost friends over this (although, perhaps as The Special AKA and They Might Be Giants should have already taught me, maybe that's not the worst thing in the lose racist friends)...people I'd never have guessed held such views but evidently live in a culture that seems to give them support and confidence.

I have no idea what to do, other than shake my head and rage silently to myself when I read things like this story about the school mural. I'm just appalled by how repeated these incidents of highly questionable decision making and self-serving rationalization for appalling personal views seem to be in a state that I'm unlikely to be visiting again any time soon.
The easiest way to spot a raciest is someone who starts a statement with "I'm not a raciest"
Next Up: Arizona Legislature Changes Name Of State To "Honkieland"...
The principle's attempt at an explanation is priceless: "shadowing that made the faces darker than they are."

Darker than they are.
@pg13, the other seminal song on this topic is "Your New Boyfriend" by Moxy Fruvous:

"Well, have you really changed that much since school?
when any Nazi couldn't swim in your pool?
Your new boyfriend's a bit
of a right wing shit."

Good stuff.
Next up: Arizona declares Driving While Black and Walking While Mexican to be chargeable offenses with instant jail terms, not subject to appeal.

I'm statrting the facebook fan page now.
I keep trying to put the best face on stuff like what's going on in Arizona right now. Having grown up in Seattle, I'm just sick to death of all the bullshit knee-jerk liberalism. I mean, I'm a liberal too, but the groupthink that goes on in the Pacific Northwest can be pretty appalling. So, just as a thought experiment, when Arizona passes a law like the anti-immigration law, I try to pretend they have a laudable goal in mind or something.

Then I see something like this, and I am forced to sigh very deeply and wish there was some way we could just unfriend these fucking people from the Union.
@10: Not to be that guy, but it's "the principal's attempt". I only mention it because he obviously has no principles.
"I'm not racist, I love a four ni@@er families we got here in Prescott!"
Why stop at the mural?

How about a little greasepaint for the kids themselves?
The further north you go in Arizona the whiter and crazier it gets. Prescott is 90-95% white. Loads of religious wing nuts up there. The central part is more racially mixed. While the state legislators run toward right-wing nut bags, the city governments are actually pretty moderate or liberal (except Mesa--Mormon country).
You guys are forgetting the councilman said "I'm not a racist individual"

He's a racist but at least he is not a racist individual.

WTF does that even mean!!!!
So if the school was 95% black and they did white faces, what would Mudede say?
They've decided not to do it after all:…
I lived in Prescott for a year, not surprising. Every community has wingnuts, poor AZ just seems to have more:(