Study: Lesbian Parents Raise Better Kids


As you say, I'd imagine you'd get similar results from any couple that had to work long and hard to get their kid: Anyone who adopts, hires a surrogate, or goes through many in-vitro attempts.

Or, it could be because they're chicks...just think, raised by two goddesses, not just one!
Don't most people do that though? If a study doesn't agree with your preconceived notions then you assume it's false? Scientists have the best ability to look at studies objectively and adjust their understanding to reflect known truths. Religious zealots have no hope because they're already massively deluded by fairy tales and unwilling to let go of them. That's why I'm proud to be a scientists.
Funny how when that presumed 'prejudice & bias' is in their favour the likes of Concerned Women of America are fine with it.
I'm awfully happy for the kids and their parents. The narrower study you suggest would be awesome too.

But as for the haters: after a long weekend of reading news and wondering when I'll crack, this morning I'll leave the haters and hater-haters to enjoy their, er, hatred.
@2: Er... exactly how many scientists are you?
They'll never agree to that deal, Dan, nor would it make any difference even if they did.

They don't discriminate against gays because research supports discrimination, they do it because:
1) Their religious leaders tell them to, and/or
2) They have a personal dislike against gays.

All the science and research in the world won't make any difference. They've decided the sky is yellow and that's the end of the story... they'll fight against calling the sky blue until they're dead.
I'm with #6.

If Christ, Himself, came down from Heaven and instructed them to accept their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, they would simply believe Christ went soft, due to the gay agenda.
Hot MILF on MILF action!
If that is a real lesbian couple in the CNN picture, I'll eat my hat.
"Better" is such a subjective word.

Sigh. On the one hand (the larger hand) this study and these results excite me -- and as Dan points out, the non-lesbian group of parents didn't have the control imposed of wanting, planning and absolutely desiring their children whole-heartedly. That does absolutely make a difference.

On the other hand, one of the things I dislike the most about being a mother is maternal competition. You know, the parenting advice sites and mommy blogs that end up being so much back-and-forth sniping ("You only breast fed for 3 months before you had to switch to formula? Oh, that's so sad. Of course, since breast is best, I didn't my girl until 18 months, and even then I decided to pump for 6 months before putting her on regular milk." "Oh, he's 3 and not potty trained? My darling was potty trained before he was two. Of course, he's always been a smart boy.").

Admittedly, after a few years of having every parenting decision I made as a first time mom called into question by in-laws ("You're switching to cloth? Why? It's more trouble than it's worth.") and internet super-moms, I get a bit titchy about anything that seems to hint I'm failing as a parent, even a study by esteemed scientists that is in no wise directed at me or including me.
God, Dan, your second paragraph is such an example of why we, as right minded people, are so fucked. Because even though I appreciate the argument and totally agree with it, looking at data with that sort open mind is something that our enemies will never do.
Lana: you failed your child by not being a lesbian. There's no way to sugar coat that. Sorry. Now go eat some pussy—your child's happiness and future success are both at stake.

Parenting is like nailing Jello to a tree. The honest amongst us admit it's humbling and often overwhelming. There is no "one" right way to do it.

Mine are 12 and 15 now. I'm totally besotted, despite the high puberty driven drama and extreme need for acknowledged independence. It's an education to put it mildly.
The results of this study will be completely irrelevant to the so-called "pro-family" opponents of gay adoption, because they don't actually care about the welfare of children, they only care about perpetuating the patriarchy.

@13, I'm sure your kids will turn out just fine. I hope you're teaching them how to play guitar.
This study would be more accurate in regards to lesbian parenting if they included adoptive lesbian parents. Also, I would be interested to see how the results in the study compare to strait parents of artificially inseminated children.
OH, and how do gay men rate as parents in this study?
@9 - When I clicked on the link I got no picture but there was a video/commercial of a floating blue ice elephant... it made me laught in the context of your comment!
Is Wendy Wright that blonde woman with the infantile voice who tried to argue with Richard Dawkins about evolution? If she ignores overwhelming evidence from geology, biology, chemistry and physics why should anyone listen to anything she says in relation to any field of science?
I wouldn't say the scientists are biased, but the parents likely are. The results of the study are based on the parents evaluating their own children. It is possible that the report shows more about how lesbian parents evaluate their own kids than it shows about the way those kids actually behave.

I don't have an iron in this fire, one of the couples at our wedding was a couple with a child just like these kids (she may have been there as well, I don't remember). I am only commenting on the way the study was carried out. I am always a little dubious about self reporting. When it comes to questions like "On a scale of 1 to 10, how well behaved is your child?" I am not sure that science is still in the room.
Why would you be willing to throw out these results, when, as you recognize, the science is peer-reviewed? On my blog, I make a point that you and it seems everyone else has missed. It's entirely valid to compare lesbian parents (and gay ones) to the general population. Our opponents do it all the time. The only difference is that we're now starting to accumulate actual evidence for our position:
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