Morning News: Adult Breast Feeding, Jihad Tourism, and Humpback Whales (No Relation)


Driving with hands free cellphones is just as dangerous as driving while talking on a handheld. Which helps explain why you don't see a decrease in car wrecks after these kinds of laws are passed.

They're going to be writing tickets for people who spend less money on cell phone accessories, that's all.
It's true, elenchos, but people tend to be reactionary and these laws focus on people who APPEAR to be more dangerous drivers. Maybe in the future the headsets will be banned as well.
I just resent people who flaunt their popularity while driving.
The Germans are slow learners. We have been sending our riffraff to Alaska for decades, witness the Palin clan.
Am I experiencing deja vu, or is the adult breast feeding fatwa old news?
An archaeologist named Karl Hunter-Mann? My day has been made!
What part of Germany is called "Sibera"?